Hino 300 Series Cruise Control

New feature for 2015.

Sets the vehicle to the designated speed, usually resulting in better fuel efficiency. This reduces fatigue in day to day metropolitan haul applications.



Designed in Europe and universally accepted as the best seat on the market, the ISRI 6860/870 Series seat is fully air adjustable and can be configured to the body type of almost any driver.

The ISRI 6860/870 seat’s height, rake, cushion tilt, backrest, lumbar support, side bolsters and weight setting can all be adjusted by the driver using easy-to reach controls on the side of the seat.

As an added comfort feature, the ISRI seat selected by Hino features a fully integrated seat-mounted seatbelt.

This means the seatbelt adjusts with the motion of the driver to prevent the painful belt-tightening that can occur with cheaper, pillar-mounted belts.

The seat also features a unique dual-stage Integrated Pneumatic System (IPS) to control lumbar support and side bolsters, using compressed air sourced from the truck’s onboard air supply.

The seat automatically senses the weight of the driver, unlike other styles of seat that require each driver to manually "dial in” their weight.

The ISRI 6860/870 Series seat is also standard equipment on all 500 and 700 Series heavy duty trucks.



The Hino multimedia system on 500 Series medium duty trucks boasts an extensive list of advanced features such as DAB+ digital radio, which provides AM and FM radio with CD quality sound, exclusive digital-only stations and exclusive news information.

Hino was the first truck manufacturer in the world to offer DAB+ digital radio capability as standard equipment across its model range.

Other features include a 6.1-inch high-definition touch-screen, conventional AM/FM radio receivers, CD and DVD player, USB input for connecting portable audio players and an SD card reader for accessing digital photographs, video and audio files.

The system also features the latest BluetoothTM hands-free phone connectivity with voice dialling and full phone book functionality, as well as A2DP audio file BluetoothTM streaming functionality.

In addition, there is the option of up to three reversing cameras, with the image displayed on the integrated 2DIN LCD screen.

Hino’s multimedia system is also available with the option of a special truck-specific satellite navigation system – which features notification of load-limited roads, as well as having the capability for input of multiple destinations, making life easier for delivery drivers and couriers on the job.

Hino’s multimedia system is also available as an after-market accessory for all older Hino models with 2-Din accessory mounting provision.



All Hino trucks are ergonomically designed to provide a functional cabin, with fingertip controls and column stalks positioned so that the driver has no need to take their hands off the wheel at any time.

All 500 Series variants are equipped with clear-vision instruments, which can be read from all angles and in all lighting conditions. Every model is equipped with a tachometer, speedometer, and full suite of warning gauges and lights. The dash features blank DIN mounting slots (for additional radio equipment) and there are a number of switch mounting holes to cater for accessories that may be added.

All models have factory-fitted Denso air conditioning, cruise control and remote central locking with an integrated engine immobiliser, and  power-operated windows.

All 500 Series models have factory-fitted Denso air conditioning and heated, power-operated exterior mirrors.

Cruise control is standard equipment across the 500 Series range (except Automatic) and all 4x2 manual transmission and AMT models have Easy Start hill-start assist.

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