Hino’s ABS brake package, combined with other safety features such as the Easy Start system, provide a comprehensive suite of active safety features as standard.

All standard-cab 500 Series models equipped with the J07E engine (FC, FD and FE) have a switchable Anti-Slip Regulator, and the FC model has the unique and highly functional four-wheel brake lock system.



The comprehensive safety package on all Hino 500 Series medium duty trucks includes a driver’s SRS airbag.

In conjunction with other safety features such as ABS Anti-lock brakes and Front Under-run Protection as standard, Hino’s 500 Series medium duty trucks feature an unbeatable active and passive safety package.



Front Underrun Protection System

The FUPS technology is incorporated in 500 Series trucks’ standard bumper bar and protects other motorists by preventing their vehicle from becoming trapped and crushed under the front of the truck in the event of a front-on collision.

FUPS provides additional protection for the truck’s steering components to help the driver maintain control and come to a controlled stop, while also assisting in the deployment of the opposing vehicle’s airbags.

Hino is the first manufacturer in Australia to offer this lifesaving technology across all three categories of trucks – light, medium and heavy duty.

Hino FUPS is certified to Australian Design Rule ADR 84 and European Safety Standard UN ECE-93.



To meet the certification standard, Hino 500 Series trucks undergo frontal, rearward and roof strength tests.

This means that occupants have the peace of mind of knowing their truck’s cabin meets the internationally recognised European Structural Standards Regulation No. 20 (ECE-R29) for cabin strength.

In fact, Hino's entire range of light, medium and heavy duty trucks now comply with the ECE-R29 crash test standard.

In addition to this certification, the Hino 500 Series has as standard safety equipment driver's SRS airbag, Front Underrun Protection System (FUPS), ABS anti-skid brakes on all models including 4x4, and on all 4x2 manual transmission models, Easy Start (ES) for hill-start assist, and electric and heated exterior mirrors.

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