ProShift 6-equipped models feature a two-pedal only driveline – there is no clutch pedal – with mechanical clutch operation controlled by the on-board computer and shift actuator.

The Hino ProShift 6 AMT can deliver a fuel consumption reduction of 10–15 per cent when compared with a similar vehicle fitted with a torque-converter type automatic transmission.

The fully automated operation of the ProShift 6 transmission means the clutch components are subjected to significantly less wear than conventional manual transmission models.

The ProShift 6 AMT transmission is serviced at the same intervals as a regular manual transmission, and no additional maintenance is required.

These fuel-saving and reduced maintenance benefits mean owners will enjoy significant cost savings.

The ProShift 6 AMT is available as an option on FC1022 and FD1124 variants of the Hino 500 Series.

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