Our top customer rated dealerships announced

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Our top customer rated dealerships announced

Customer service is a crucial part of running our business operations at Hino and to support this over the past couple of months, we have implemented a range of new initiatives for our customers through Hino Advantage. We have also been working internally with our dealer network and for the first time this year we presented Customer Satisfaction Award to our exemplary dealerships at our annual Hino Dealer of the Year (DOTY) awards.

“Our priority is for Hino customers to see us as a reliable business partner, which is why we have introduced this award, and also included customer satisfaction as part of the scorecard for the overall Dealer of the Year award. It rewards dealers for providing outstanding customer experience during the sales process.” said Bill Gillespie, Hino Motor Sales Australia General Manager - Brand and Franchise Development.  

Providing another step toward recognising customer experience since the launch of our in-house customer care centre last year, making it the first Hino distributor worldwide to offer such a dedicated facility.  This being the first point of contact passing on the information to our internal operations or Hino dealerships, the care centre has linked businesses directly to the nerve centre of Hino knowledge. "As part of our investment in customer support and our growing Hino Advantage suite of business solutions, the new Customer Care Centre is possibly the most vital addition to our offering," added Mr. Gillespie.

Our goals for the Customer Satisfaction Awards are to reward dealerships for recognising the customers’ needs and concerns and to emphasise to our customers the importance that Hino Australia puts upon customer focus. 

The significances of recognising customer satisfaction cannot be understated, and therefore, the power of awarding our Customer Satisfaction Awards is in our customer’s hands, scoring our dealerships performance based upon their feedback only. As Manager of Customer Experience at Hino, Marion van der Krogt noted, “People only stay loyal to a company if they have a reason to do so. By providing the best customer experience you can, it will build the foundation of trust and with trust comes loyalty.”  Similarly stated by man on the ground and former DOTY award recipient Euan McGowan (Dealer Principal of Bendigo Truck Centre), “If you do the right thing by your customers, success will follow.” 

These teams from over 30 dealerships across the country do not go unnoticed and are recognised by Hino for their hard work and dedication, and this year we congratulate our first time Customer Satisfaction award winners CMI Hino Adelaide, Vanderfield Hino Toowoomba and Barry Maney Hino.

Keeping an eye on the future and again with the intent of reward the dealers who earn their dues. 

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