Thursday, 16 November 2017

Both Single and Crew Cab variants of the Hino 300 Series 4x4 are powered by the high powered and highly efficient 4 litre Hino N04C-UT turbocharged diesel engine.

The Hino 300 Series 4x4 quite simply out-performs its light duty 4x4 rivals.

The numbers tell the story … the new Hino has more power, more torque and more gears.

“If you’re going to enter a new category in the Australian truck market for the first time, you want to do it with a product that sets a new benchmark for that category and that’s what we’ve done with the new 300 Series 4x4,” Mr Daniel Petrovski, Hino Product Strategy Manager said.

Both Single and Crew Cab variants are powered by the high powered and highly efficient 4 litre Hino N04C-UT turbocharged diesel engine.

The N04C utilises common-rail fuel injection technology combined with a Variable Nozzle Turbocharger (VNT) to deliver a very healthy maximum power of 165hp (121kW) and 464Nm of torque.

It’s an engine that’s designed to perform and to deliver the right mix of useable performance on highways, dirt roads and in serious off-road 4x4 applications.

The engine is ADR80/03 compliant using Euro 5 emission levels thanks in part to the Hino Diesel Particulate active Reduction (DPR) system, which traps over 95 percent of exhaust carbon soot in a ceramic filter.

The DPR can begin to regenerate or “self-clean”, once the filter reaches 30 percent capacity.

This process involves the engine control unit (ECU) automatically regenerating the soot build up.

The soot level is indicated in a multi-information dashboard display, which extinguishes as regeneration is complete.

This engine efficiency is combined with a class-leading overdrive six-speed manual transmission coupled with a two-speed transfer case to give the newest Hino 300 series its 4x4 ability.

4-wheel-drive (4x4) is selected by a combination of manual locking front hubs and the press of a dash-mounted button to engage with 4x4 in the transfer case which sends drive through the front drive shaft.

Likewise, ‘low’ range can be selected with the press of a dash-mounted button to engage the transfer cases class leading 2.2:1 low range reduction ratio.   

The transmission and transfer case ratios have been specially selected and recognise the broad range of applications in which the Hino 300 Series 4x4 is likely to work in.

“This means the Hino 300 Series 4x4 with its first gear transmission ratio of 6.369:1 and the transfer cases low range 2.2:1 ratio will crawl across the most rugged terrain,” said Mr Petrovski.

“Conversely, it is equally as comfortable cruising at 100km/h with the engine running at a conservative 2440rpm.”

The Hino 300 Series 4x4 is built on a tough, rivet-less, straight ladder frame chassis, pre-drilled for ease of mounting bodies.

It boasts approach and departure angles that are well suited for off-road 4x4 terrain.

Suspension is via multi-leaf reinforced springs with double acting shock absorbers front and rear chosen for their combination of load carrying capability, comfort and wheel articulation. A front stabiliser bar is added to enhance on road handling and rigidity.

The Hino 300 Series 4x4 is brought to a stop by four-wheel ventilated disc brakes, combined with the standard fitment of Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) and Power Assisted Braking (PAB).

The braking performance of the 300 Series 4x4 takes the 7,500kg 4x4 truck segment to another level of safety with the standard inclusion of Vehicle Stability Control (VSC).

Put simply, VSC helps prevent the truck potentially skidding out of control by monitoring wheel rotation speed, steering angle, yaw rate, lateral G forces and braking.

The VSC can autonomously take the appropriate action required such as reducing engine power and/or applying individual brakes with the intent of keeping the vehicle upright and safely negotiating the corner.

“Driver comfort is related to fatigue, both of which are very much at the forefront of our minds because it’s a potential workplace health and safety issue for our customers,” Mr Petrovski said.

“Hino has focussed on not only great performance but making this truck as safe, comfortable, quiet and easy-to-use as possible in as many circumstances, for as many applications as possible.

“We’re very proud of what it offers to the Australian market,” he concluded.


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