All Hino diesel-engined 300 Series models come standard with a manual transmission.

Standard cabin variants feature Hino's well proven five-speed manual, while wide cabin diesel models have the Hino six-speed manual.

Hino’s six-speed manual transmission has synchromesh on first and reverse gears for increased durability and all-round ease of operation.

The manual shift lever on 4x2 manual models is also collapsible, to provide slide-across access for the driver or passenger when in tight parking locations.

Hino Australia's renowned Easy Start technology is also fitted to all 4x2 manual models. It electronically maintains braking force, even when the driver takes their foot off the brake pedal allowing the driver to seamlessly move off from a stationary position without rollback on uphill grades. Easy Start operates in both forward and reverse gears.

All Hino 300 wide cab diesel models have a sturdy 13-inch clutch to ensure maximum reliability and durability.



Hino is the only Japanese truck manufacturer to offer the advantage of a fully automatic transmission in the light-duty truck market.

The Hino 300 Series has the choice of a smooth-shifting fully automatic torque converter transmissions across its 58-model diesel-engined range.

The ‘intelligent’  Hino automatic has a fuel-saving torque converter lock-up in five ratios – second to sixth gear.

The learning characteristics of the transmission can comfortably adapt to the driving style of the driver, making the Hino automatic perfectly suited to a variety of customers, including rental fleets, and stop-start city use.

It has a ‘neutral control’ feature which electronically switches the transmission to neutral when the truck is stationary and the brakes are applied. This reduces engine and drivetrain load, offering significant savings in fuel consumption.

The Hino six-speed automatic has a host of electronic control features normally associated with high-end luxury cars. to aid driver comfort, the shift lever is located in the most intuitive position - the centre console. The shift can also be collapsed (to the left, only when the vehicle is stationary) for across-cabin movement by the driver.



The Hino Hybrid 300 Series features Hino's ProShift 5 Automated Manual Transmission (AMT).

The ProShift 5 AMT employs an electronic control unit to control the changing of gears and operation of the clutch. Unlike other AMT equipped light duty trucks the Hino has no clutch - the sophisticated electronics perform all clutching functions allowing easy, two-pedal only operation.

When driven in the Drive (D) mode, the vehicle can be driven like a conventional automatic-transmission truck. In this mode gear changes are executed in accordance with driving conditions and hybrid system mode settings.

The operation of the hybrid drivetrain is optimised in this mode, contributing to significant fuel consumption savings.

Drivers may also select S (Sequential) mode, should they wish to select gears manually to suit their driving style, or to hold gears in circumstances such as long steep descents (requiring low gear selection).

Hino’s ProShift AMT has been designed so that it is easy to drive, requires low maintenance, and provides long service life.

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