The five-cylinder J07E engine is available in the Hino 500 Series medium duty standard cabmodels, and delivers more power, torque and better fuel economy and is rated at 220, 240 and 260 horsepower.

The J07E engine features enhance fuel mapping and a variable nozzle turbocharger (VNT) which improves fuel economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  

The J07E engines meet Euro5 & ADR80/03 emissions level by the way of Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) and a Diesel Particulate active reduction filter (DPR).



Hino J08E Six-Cylinder Diesel

The six-cylinder J08E and J09C engines have been enhanced and are available in the new Hino 500 Series Medium Duty Wide Cab models. Both deliver increased output, greater cooling, improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions. 

Both engines feature a refinement package that includes a new turbocharger, revised water pump and cooling fan, and a switch from Bosch to Denso common-rail fuel injection, resulting in greater efficiencies.

In the improved J08E engine, maximum governed engine speed is higher as is the compression ratio and peak power output of 280 horsepower & 883Nm. 

The A09C engine is the most powerful option and now up to 350 horsepower & 1422Nm. 

Both J08E & A09C engines also benefit from the adoption of the new SCR emissions system, a highly tuned, cleaner burning engine which utilises AdBlue® as an exhaust emission after-treatment agent, making these engines fully Euro 5 and ADR 80/03 emission compliant.

Hino 500 Series owners can rest assured that their truck conforms with the latest emissions standards, while delivering increased performance and better fuel economy.

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