Hino vehicle stability control

The all new Hino 500 Series Wide Cab boasts the most comprehensive active safety package of any Japanese truck in the medium duty truck category – in an Australian-first for this class, Vehicle Stability Control is now fitted as standard across the new wide cab range. 

Vehicle Stability Control is designed to help the driver maintain vehicle control. It helps prevent side skids and stabilises the vehicle while turning on a curve. When the vehicle senses a loss of traction or a slip, braking is automatically applied to individual wheels and engine power is reduced to help secure the safety of the vehicle.



Statistics source:
The Queensland Department of TMR (2011)



Hino 500 Series ABS

ABS prevents the wheels locking under heavy braking applications and assists the driver in maintaining control of the vehicle. 



ASR Diagram

Standard on all models except 4x4

Commonly called traction control, ASR can apply the brakes on individual wheels and control engine torque to provide enhanced traction under acceleration on slippery surfaces or when a wheel has lost traction (Bogged).



Front Underrun Protection System

Hino FUPS is standard on all 500 series models excluding 4x4. It is designed to interact with a light vehicle crumple zone in an accidents. FUPS also helps the steering remain intact so, in the moments after an impact, the vehicle can be safely steered to avoid further serious impact. 

Hino is the first manufacturer in Australia to offer a version of this lifesaving technology across all three categories of trucks – light, medium and heavy duty.

The Hino 500 Series FUPS is certified to Australian Design Rule ADR 84 and European Safety Standard UN ECE-93.



Hino 500 series body structure

To meet the certification standard, Hino 500 Series single cabin models undergo frontal, rearward and roof strength tests.

This means that occupants have the peace of mind of knowing their truck’s cabin meets the internationally recognised European Structural Standards Regulation No. 20 (ECE-R29) for cab strength.

In addition to this certification and all the above features, the Hino 500 Series has as standard safety equipment driver's SRS airbag, engine immobiliser, cruise control and electric and heated exterior mirrors with adjustable convex spotter and kerb observation mirror.

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