Are you the next Hino Service Technician?

Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Are you the next Hino Service Technician?

There is a shortage of technicians in Australia and as a company, we are calling all current mechanical technicians, or those men and women who want to make a leap into being a technician as a career, to get involved with Hino and receive world class training, great benefits and long term support.  

We sat down and talked to Gus Belanszky, Manager - Service Support at Hino Australia. Gus has over 24 years’ experience in the trucking and automotive industry and is a heavy vehicle mechanic by trade. 

Hino Australia was named one of the world’s premier Hino distributors for parts and service, for the eighth consecutive year. Gus Belanszky – Pictured centre.

Hi Gus, why do you believe there is a technician shortage in the truck industry at the moment?

In this industry the technician shortage is not new and it stems right across the automotive industry, but it is becoming a bigger issue. We’re not afraid to call it out and want to support the industry as much as possible. 

This shortage can be attributed to a number of factors including a declining number of apprentices coming into the industry and the ongoing issues of attracting and retaining skilled workers. 

The overall Automotive industry needs around 14,000 new employees annually to balance natural attrition labour levels, but it’s currently sitting around the 10,000 mark. 

We want to change all this and are aiming to work with our dealer network to train hard working staff who are keen to have a rewarding career.   

So, why should someone become a Hino technician? 
Becoming a Hino technician can be a long-term, rewarding career. Hino are attracting and rewarding those current and new employees who want to work in the industry by ensuring training is of high quality and dealership facilities are in good working condition, supporting the latest in technology and equipment.  

We also want to provide recognition to those that deserve it. We’ve done this by creating an in-house reward and recognition program, remunerating good staff through incentive programs. We also run the Hino National Skills Contest, which is an annual event that showcases the proficiency of sales, service and parts experts from the Hino national dealer network. If you are crowned the best service technician, you not only walk away with a monetary prize but also an all-expenses paid trip to Japan to visit head office and learn from some of the best Hino technicians in the world. 

What kind of training does a service technician receive from Hino?

Our training is industry leading at the Hino Training Centre, with some of the most advanced training received anywhere in the world. Hino HQ in Sydney offers a comprehensive induction program and ongoing training courses, mentored by highly skilled trainers and industry professionals.   

We then offer regular ongoing training sessions both hands on and theory, to ensure all technicians have the ability and knowledge to be up to date with the latest in product, technology and emission systems. 

We do encourage career progression and have seen a number of technicians excel in their current roles and move into higher roles. There is plenty of opportunity and it can all start from being a service technician and progressively move to a foremen, workshop controller, service advisor or service manager and even a dealer principal. The sky is the limit, you just have to be committed.   

We also encourage service technicians to undertake further studies through TAFE or Colleges, which dealers will help support the technicians to achieve their goals. 

What challenges are there in this role?

There are always challenges in any career and our job is to make a technician’s role as easy as possible. One of the great things about becoming a Hino technician is that no two days are the same. We see different challenges everyday due to the extensive model variants we have within our product range. Now is a great time to get involved, as the industry is changing at a rapid pace with the advent of hybrid technologies, safety and connectivity and also the development of autonomous vehicle technologies.

“I really enjoy being a service technician, I see something different every day and there is always new challenges. My knowledge expands over time and putting my expertise to use is one of many things that makes this career rewarding.” Thanh Nguyen (Pictured Right), Hino Australia’s top service technician for 2018.

How does someone become a Hino technician?

To enquire about becoming a Hino technician speak to your local Hino dealer or call 1800 08 HINO. 

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