Reliability. Another reason why you can trust Hino to deliver

Thursday, 21 July 2022

Reliability. Another reason why you can trust Hino to deliver
James Wackwitz, Founder and Director of J K Hoses.

Why JK Hoses relied on Hino when upgrading their fleet.

Hino trucks are renowned for their Quality, Durability and Reliability (QDR) making them desirable for any Tradie, Business Owner or Fleet Manager. We know that when you’re looking to expand your fleet, reliability is one aspect, but comfort, and safety are also key considerations, and James Wackwitz, Founder and Director of J K Hoses couldn’t express this enough when deciding to expand his fleet with Hino. 

James got his hands on a second-hand Hino 300 Series in 2010. Very quickly, he was sold, and decided to make Hino his vehicle of choice to enhance his business success. 

Tell us about your business? 
J K Hoses has been operating since 2010. We specialise in hydraulic hoses, hydraulic repairs, and the installation of after-market attachments for the earthmoving and construction industries.

What locations do you normally operate in? 
We service the Sydney metro area, we have a workshop in Peakhurst, close to the M5 and have a fleet of 5 service vehicles for onsite services.

How has business been since the beginning of COVID in 2020? Have you had to change the way you operate in order to adjust? 
Thankfully, we had started to upgrade our fleet with Hino trucks just before COVID started to impact Australia.  We were able to avoid any service disruptions due to the AdBlue shortage because the new Hino trucks were more fuel efficient than the trucks they replaced.

We were worried that COVID restrictions and industry shutdowns would have a negative impact on our business but to our surprise our business has grown. We have benefited from Government incentives; the Instant Asset Write-Off has led to greater demand for after-market attachments and the Home Builder grant has kept plant equipment in use. 

People were doing more at home projects during the lockdowns, which increased the use of waste services, material handling services and the delivery of construction and landscaping supplies. Our staff and fleet have been working tirelessly to continue servicing and repairing plant, waste, material handling, transport, and manufacturing equipment. Dependable staff and a reliable fleet have made growth possible in a challenging environment.

Why did you choose Hino? How does it complement your business?  
We had tried other brands in the trucking industry and were disappointed. They lacked quality, reliability, and servicing was difficult and disruptive.  We were looking for something better and decided to take a chance on a second-hand Hino. The Hino performed well; it was the oldest vehicle in our fleet at the time, but it was the most reliable. Scheduling service was simple with a quick turnaround so when it came time to start upgrading, we went to Hino because we’d seen first-hand how much better the trucks and service were.

What have been the standout features of your Hino 300 Series 616 and 921? 
Reliability. 100%. We can count on these trucks to get our service technicians where they need to go. We’ve had no breakdowns… no faults… and the trucks just keep moving. We simply schedule servicing and away we go!

Where do you see your business headed in the next few years? 
We are a small independent business in a big industry and there’s potential for J K Hoses to continue to grow. We have great staff, quality products, and thanks to Hino, reliable trucks. Now that we have upgraded our service trucks, we expect to work closely with Hino to expand our fleet.

Which dealership did you purchase the trucks from? What was your experience? 
We purchased from Adtrans Hino, and the experience has been nothing less than fantastic. The staff are very professional and took the time to understand our business needs. There has been great continuity of service too, the staff we worked with on the purchase of our first truck were the same people we worked with on the second and third. We really feel like valued business partners with Adtrans Hino.

What is your favourite thing about now owning a Hino truck… three in fact! 
My favourite thing about having Hino in our fleet is how simple and easy owning a Hino is. I know I can get in any one of our trucks and drive, I know it will be comfortable and reliable, and I’m not going to have any hassles.

How does the comfort of the Hino compare to other trucks you’ve driven? 
The comfort of our Hino’s is fantastic. Space in the cab is great, seats are comfortable, and everything is at arm’s reach behind the wheel, making driving safer.

Can you give us an example of where your Hino has performed in a way you didn’t expect it to? 
Some construction sites and quarries with deep excavation can be difficult to navigate in a truck. The Hino gives you enough power to get in, out, and around difficult sites and the turning circle is amazing.

If your business grows, or continues to grow, would you consider purchasing a Hino again? 
Absolutely, I’m already talking to the team at Adtrans and can’t wait to expand our fleet with a brand-new Hino. If you’re looking to expand your fleet, … buy a Hino! You’ll thank yourself later.

James and his team at J K Hoses clock a lot of miles, so keeping the trucks on the road is paramount for his business. That’s why he relies on Hino.

Get in contact with the J K Hoses team: 
Ph: 02 9584 1816

No matter what type of business you operate in, Hino has a truck to suit your needs. From our car licence light-duty Hino 300 Series to our medium-duty Hino 500 Series, and heavy-duty Hino 700 Series, we have a wide range and variety of trucks for your needs.

If you, like James, are excited to expand, upgrade, or start your own fleet, contact your nearest authorised Hino dealership today.

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