Diversity in the transport industry key for Hino on International Women’s Day

Hino Australia embraced March’s International Women’s Day by recognising the ever-important role of females within the transport industry.

The perception of trucking being a male-dominated trade has been challenged in recent years, with women increasingly taking on diverse positions.

For Steve Lotter, Hino Motor Sales Australia Chairman and CEO, this shift for the industry is necessary and welcomed.

“It has long been noted that the trucking industry is facing a critical shortage of skilled personnel, so it is encouraging that more and more females are joining the work force,” said Mr Lotter.

“We have seen through our network that the barriers to joining our team, physical or otherwise, have been breaking down, with our business all the better for this shift to a more diverse workplace.

“Here at Hino, we have so much to offer people who want to join our industry including great employee benefits, opportunities for career growth and an entire network of support in place.

“We celebrate and encourage this growth, as it makes us a stronger company now and into the future.”

From behind the wheel, to the many and varied positions in dealerships and head office, female participation in the trucking workplace has been shaping the way forward for the industry.

A case in point, Kara Green’s progress in her chosen profession saw her recognised as the winner of the Parts category at the 2019 Hino National Skills Contest, the first female to win the award.

A Parts Interpreter at Adtrans Hino’s Smeaton Grange dealership, Kara’s four and a half years have seen her build her automotive knowledge and skill set from scratch.

“I’d like to think I did it for all the women out there who feel like they come second in this male dominated industry,” said Mrs Green on winning the award.

“There was a bit of pressure to do one better as I placed second the year before, so to actually do it and win was an amazing moment and one I will never forget.”

Kara’s career path has been anything but traditional. 

“I used to deliver parts to Adtrans Hino and got on really well with the Manager at the time - after about a year, the Manager saw my potential and offered me a job purely based off my personality. 

“The only automotive knowledge I had was knowing how to put petrol in my car, but I’ve enjoyed learning everything about the automotive world! 

“Not a question was raised about me being a woman. It was more of, if you can do a good job that’s all we could ask.

What I like about my job is the relationship I have with my customers - it’s not just all about work, we can talk about all sorts of things. Having great people to work with also makes the work day that much better,” said Mrs Green. 

International Women's Day is a global day that annually celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. In 2020, it took place on Sunday 8th March.

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