Hino Heroes

Behind every super hero is a sidekick. We are searching for our longstanding loyal customers to share your story and feature it on our website and through our social channels.

It’s your time to tell us how big of a Hino Hero you are and how you put your sidekick to the test.

Here are some Hino Heroes who keep our economy moving:

Hino Heroes head around Oz in a 300 Series 4x4

Glen & Andrea Aylott

Glen, Andrea and their two young kids decided to pack up their life in Calliope, QLD and take 12 months off the modern 9-5 life to travel around this great country of ours. They quickly realised that 12 months would never be enough and changed their travelling setup to suit full-time living and travelling on the road.

Remote and rural servicing at the heart of NT

Darcy and Bec

Remote Mechanical operate out of Alice Springs in some of Australia's toughest conditions. Darcy Imhoff started the business, he noticed remote and rural businesses were suffering substantial down times and losing productivity when their machinery or plant and equipment needed servicing or maintenance.

Hino Hero comes to Townsville Rescue

Steve Gurney

We keep saying it, but Australia (the lucky country) is a land of extremes and the recent Townsville floods prove just that. They were some of the worst floods in that region ever, catching a lot of people by surprise. This is where Steve Gurney and his team from All Hours Towing come into the story.

J.J & J.L Mahony Transport Allansford

John Mahony

Livestock Transport carrier, John Mahony has been operating for 16 years and is onto his fourth Hino 500 and 700 Series. He's based in Allansford, Western Victoria with his Border Collie Rosie. 'I have genuine lamb’s wool seat covers, a 12 CD stacker fitted and 2 UHFs. I have had a great run with Hino's, parts are always readily available although I have not needed many.'

Running a Business in the Outback

Michael Stiller

Michael Stiller owner of Red Central Towing and Recovery gives us some insider knowledge of the harsh elements he’s up against when running a business in central Australia.


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