An inherited trust in the reliability of Hino

Trent Barker

An inherited trust in the reliability of Hino

We can inherit many things from our parents. Some good, and some not-so-good...depending on who you ask.

For Trent Barker of Barker Bros Tree Services, he inherited two things from his father. The first was his business, which was originally started by his father and uncle many moons ago and is now run by Trent and his brother. The second is his fondness for Hino trucks.

After seeing the performance and reliability of his father’s 1993 Hino 500 Series FD Tipper, Trent knew Hino trucks would help ensure the continuation of the family business. 

Tell us a bit about your business? 

Barker Bros has been operating since 1974, my dad and his brother started the business and now it has been handed down to me and my brother, who are 3rd generation arborists. We also have 2 contract climbers that help us from time to time.

Our pop used to cut down trees in Hartley and take them back to his yard and mill the timber. We keep it as a small family business and have frequent customers, who love to have a coffee, cake and chat when we visit.

How has business been since the beginning of COVID-19 in 2020?

To be honest business has been busier than ever since lockdown started, as everyone is home, and in their gardens, and can’t spend money on holidays. So, they’re spending it on their gardens and home, which is fine with me and my brother.

What locations do you normally operate in? 

We mainly operate just in the Blue Mountains Area (Blackheath - Glenbrook) NSW, it’s close to home and the surrounding bushland is perfect for our business.

What’s the largest project you’ve been involved with, and where was it? Have you ever had any close encounters with local wildlife?

Our biggest, most recent job was removing 5 big gum trees from a place in Hazelbrook. There was 60 cubic meters of mulch plus all the timber that wasn’t chipped. We didn’t encounter any wildlife on that job but have come across a green tree snake in Glenbrook, and a large 3m python in Winmalee. Other than that, it’s not unusual to come across a possum every now and then.

All-in-all, we’re quite vigilant when it comes to local wildlife and we take extra care to ensure all precautions are taken for us and them.

Why did you pick Hino for your business? 

We chose Hino because our dad had an old Hino, and it was nothing but reliable. In our business having reliable gear means everything, including when it comes to our safety. But most importantly, having a reliable truck like the Hino 300 Series means we know we can get the job done...and so do our customers.

If you could sum up your experience with Hino, what would you say to someone looking to buy a Hino? 

Everything I have had to deal with regarding my Hino has been great. The service department have been very helpful and informative, as to have the parts department when I had an enquiry. They have all been very helpful at every part of the process.  

What Hino trucks do you have?

We have two Hino trucks: a 2016 Hino 300 Series 816 Crew Cab Tipper, and a 2019 Hino 300 Series 717 Tipper. We chose to stay with Hino trucks because my dad previously had a 1993 Hino 500 Series FD Tipper and I had a 2008 Hino 300 Series 616 Tipper - and they have both been very reliable. Also, the fact they’re on the smaller side makes them perfect for Blue Mountains area due to the tight access on many of the properties we visit.

I purchased my 2019 model from Adtrans Hino in Narellan, and my dad purchased his 2016 model from Newcastle Hino.

Can you give us an example of where your Hino 300 Series has performed in a way you didn’t expect it to?

We have recently purchased a new woodchipper that is a lot heavier than our old one, and I was worried my new Hino wouldn’t be able to pull it as it reaches the maximum towing capacity for the Hino 300 Series. But I was completely wrong. It tows the new chipper as easily as it did the old one, even when the truck is full of mulch. It just runs so smoothly.

You can get in contact with Barker Bros Tree Services at:

Ph: 0408822401




Now this is what we call a legacy:

One business.

Two generations.

One truck brand for almost 30 years.

This is why Hino puts emphasis on Quality, Durability, and Reliability (QDR). From the design and build, to the Hino Genuine Parts used and Genuine Service that keeps them going for longer.

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