Concept Kerbing guides the way with their Hino TradeAce

Glen Demmer

Concept Kerbing guides the way with their Hino TradeAce

Glen and his son Tyla own and operate Concept Kerbing in Perth, WA. Running for over 10 years, the father son duo undertake all sorts of landscape kerbing mainly working closely with landscape companies for gardens, driveways and roadsides, plus direct to the general public. Glen tells us that “After purchasing the business, I have updated the equipment and greatly improved the business efficiency. Having the Hino 300 is one of them”.

Aboard their Hino 300 Series 617 TradeAce with an aluminium tray which is part of the Hino Built to Go range, they regularly carry a large kerb machine, two wheelbarrows and a cement mixer as they mix all their own concrete. Therefore, a large supply of quartz sand, cement and stone is loaded onto the tray each and every day and taken all over Perth.

“'The Hino handles anything we throw at it. A normal day for us involves loading up the Hino with concrete materials, getting to the job early and marking out the areas to lay the kerbs. We do this mainly around Perth, but also travel around country areas to get the job done. We love what we do and it's great seeing a happy client.”.

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