ETS Vegetation Management

Bill Simmons

ETS Vegetation Management

ETS Vegetation Management, One of the nation's largest vegetation services companies, runs a national fleet with a large proportion of Hinos.

Bill Simmons, ETS National Fleet and Maintenance Manager said that the majority are from the Hino 500 Series medium duty range, featuring fuel-efficient Euro 5-compliant engines, state-of-the-art multimedia unit as standard.

"At the moment we have a number of FD and FE medium wheelbase trucks and GH medium and long wheelbase 500 Series models.

"We also have nearly 30 500 Series GT 4x4 trucks and a couple of 300 Series light duty models too.

"The Hinos are a good, reliable, value-for-money truck with excellent support.

"They do exactly what we need and they don't let us down: they're super-reliable.

"A typical working day would see the trucks leave the depot for an eight-hour shift, with crews cutting and clearing vegetation from poles, electricity wires and so on.

"The cutting is mostly done with hydraulic tools, so even though they're stationary the trucks are running pretty much all day apart from breaks.

"Traditionally we've bought our Hino's through Chris Geadah at City Hino, largely because most of the custom bodies were fitted in Sydney.

"Chris and the team at City Hino have always been good to us; they do all they can to help us out and follow through with every enquiry, so we couldn't imagine dealing with anyone else."

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