Hino Hero comes to Townsville Rescue

Steve Gurney

Hino Hero comes to Townsville Rescue

We keep saying it, but Australia (the lucky country) is a land of extremes and the recent Townsville floods prove just that. They were some of the worst floods in that region ever, catching a lot of people by surprise. Luckily there are still good people in the world to be there and help out, this is where Steve Gurney and his team from All Hours Towing come into the story. 

All Hours Towing is a tow truck operator running a small fleet out at Townsville. Once the floods came, Steve put his hand up and showed true Aussie grit (he’s technically a kiwi) to use his truck and help others in need during the floods. 

For the next two weeks Steve and his team put out the call on Facebook for anyone who needed a tow to get their car out of the rising water and to safety, all free of charge! This was no drive on the freeway, with reports of regular rising waters, snakes and even crocs to contend with, Steve and his team did their best to help as many people as possible.

“Facebook was going wild with people asking for help as their car started to fill up with water”.

“I probably received about 30 calls a day throughout the nine days of the floods’. I did about 15 tows and didn’t charge, it was exhausting but rewarding to help the locals get out of a bind”.

Steve runs a fleet of 3 vehicles. His Hino 500 SE 1426 with a standard 4 car carrier on the back is his main truck. It has done over 600,000kms, and rides really well. It mainly carts new cars around dealerships in QLD.

After the floods had subsided, he kept going. Steve added a winch to his Hino 500 and carted 4 cars at a time that had either been flooded, going to auction, or the wreckers around Townsville. “It was nonstop!”

With the clean-up in Townsville now on, life is back to normal for Steve and his team at All Hours Towing, “but there’s always room for more jobs”. We promised we’d share Steve’s details to make sure this true Hino Hero keeps on going strong, he deserves it!

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