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Martino Sison

Hyperion Hiab and Haulage

Migrating to Australia was a very big move for a family of 6 says Martino Sison, August winner of Hino Heroes.

My wife and I moved here as permanent residents in 2009. I came here 3 months ahead of the family to be able to try to find a job and prepare a house for the arrival of the rest of the family. My first job was as a waiter at sizzler because no company would hire me for the office job I was trained to do. After a month, I joined a construction company as a labourer because the money was better. 9 months later, the company decided to hire me as a permanent full time employee at their warehouse where they eventually trained me to drive their MR truck with a vehicle loading crane. Ever since then, none of my bosses could take me out of a truck.

There is no other job that gives me more joy than waking up every day between 3am - 5am (depending on shift schedules), hearing the hum of that Diesel engine (while waiting for your air to get up and doing your pre-starts), and stepping on that accelerator as you hit the open road. As I moved up to drive bigger trucks, aside from experience, I have gained more respect not only for the road and the users but also for the vehicle I drive. Each truck I've ever driven has their own quirks, moods and personalities. Just like my children, I care for them, handle each one accordingly and on occasion even talk to them.

From the five different truck brands I have driven, the Hino "personality" is what I enjoyed best. Hino trucks are quiet enough for you to start at 5am without waking people up in residential areas but "loud" enough for you to still be able to enjoy the roar of that jake brake. Hino trucks haven't let me down yet and I am hoping they never will.

A year ago, life presented me with the opportunity to start my own business. Now, I own my own 700 Series that also pulls a pig trailer and am looking forward to driving my big girl until she is ready to retire. At the moment, she services the energy sector, moves containers for construction and removal companies, and other types of machinery and equipment. My company, Hyperion Hiab and haulage, is fully contracted to the Reef Group who also runs a 12 year old 700 series SS and another 10+year old GH.

Until the day Hino lets me down, I trust no other, because with Hino, WE'LL GET THERE!!!

For more information on Hyperion Hiab and haulage, visit www.hiabhireperth.com.au


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