Woodbine Park Parkes

Nathan Wright

Woodbine Park Parkes

"This is our 1978 Hino 500 KL truck. She has been in the family since new. Over 400,000kms on her!"

Congratulations to Nathan Wright from Parkes in NSW who is this month’s Hino Hero, owning one of the oldest running Hino Trucks in Australia. Nathan operates this vehicle on his Woodbine Park Parkes property and uses it as farm machinery, tilt tray and precision farming solutions.

"This truck is used for mainly carting hay and fire fighting, plus some other very important jobs. It's a great alternative all-rounder and our farm enterprise wouldn't be the same without it. It's been our main truck for a number of years, I learnt to drive in it and now she is an airloom and we will do anything to keep her going.  

It is a 4 speed manual with exhaust brake. It's been used for everything with its long tray -24ft, carting grain with a side delivery bin, grouper truck at sowing time, fire fighter in the summer and also carting stock and moving hay bales. It’s a good old reliable truck, easy and enjoyable to drive. I've grown up with her, plenty of years left in the old Hino yet!”

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