Tool Trucks Australia's fleet stands out from the crowd

Paul Yandle

Tool Trucks Australia's fleet stands out from the crowd

Paul and the team have been running Tool Trucks Australia for around 12 years and have exclusively used Hino trucks for their mobile tool showrooms around the greater Melbourne area. Tool Trucks Australia is a supplier of quality automotive tools, hand tools, air tools, and specialty tools to the Automotive, Transport and Earthmoving industries.

‘I operate 3 Hino 300 Series trucks with 2008, 2013 and 2016 models. The Hino’s are perfect for our application and have performed extremely well for us’ Paul said. The fleet is dressed up with Chrome and stainless fittings which really helps them stand out from the crowd. Paul’s trucks were even featured in the Australian Custom Trucks Magazine in 2015.

Like many businesses the current Coronavirus issue has made an impact on Paul’s business, 'I made the decision fairly early to stay off the road due to the inability to practise the social distancing protocols in the display area of the truck, the last thing I wanted to do was to potentially spread the virus around the heavy truck repair industry'. So for now they will be cooling their heels at home, waiting for the restrictions to lift. 'Not much we can do about it, and its effecting everyone, so it is what it is' Paul said.

Tool Trucks Australia’s custom built Hino Mobile tool trucks can visit your workshop and supply your tools immediately, where and when you need them most.

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