Winners are grinners with Hino

Alan Nunn

Winners are grinners with Hino

Having just come off the back of winning our monthly Hino Heroes competition, and having recently purchased a Hino 300 Series truck for his business, he’s definitely in the winner’s circle of life.

We recently spoke with Alan, Business Manager of SS Electrics, and asked him about his business operations, achievements and how his Hino 300 Series has contributed to his success.

How long has SS Electrics been operating for?

The business was first established in 1989, and my son Christopher has been involved with SS Electrics for over 20 years. He joined the business as General Manager and purchased the company in 2014. The original founder of the company was Steve Smith. Steve retired, handing the business to his son Craig. Craig and Chris are lifelong mates and have a great working relationship spanning over 20 years. Craig’s wife Janise wanted to return to her home country in Canada where they live now. As the new owner of SS Electrics, Chris has grown the business from 11 employees to 30 employees in just six years. Chris also opened a new workshop in Alfredton, an industrial area of Ballarat, to meet the needs of his business. 

What is your involvement with the business? How do you help with the daily operations?

As the Business Manager I am responsible for the purchase of new vehicles, the servicing of our vehicles, tyres, registration, repairs, and dealing with our bank when it comes to the vehicles. I also look after the insurances, for plant and equipment, and the vehicles, obviously.

I also manage our workshop and order materials for our electricians, along with managing the Test & Tag compliance for our projects.

What areas does SS Electrics specialise in?

As the biggest electrical contractor in the Ballarat region (and surrounding areas) we specialise primarily in commercial and industrial electrical services. We also do some work interstate, but most of our work is in and around Ballarat.

Why have you picked Hino as your choice for your business?

The 300 Series 616 Auto has a greater GVM than most of the competitors. It has a Tare Mass of 2,920kg and that suited us nicely. We also had exceptional service from Till Hino Geelong, and as a Business Manager, that really impressed me. It’s fantastic that we now have a dealership in Ballarat.

We only have one Hino truck (300 Series 616) for now, and buying it was by far one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Previously we had to ship equipment and materials to work sites in trailers. After a while it was clear we needed to find a more efficient way to do this. We looked at utes, but we needed something with a bigger load capacity. After a chat with Till Hino (a first-class team to deal with) we found the Hino 300 Series had everything we needed, and then some. The biggest benefit was the greatest surprise to us. The True Automatic Transmission of the 300 Series meant anyone with a driver’s license could use it. We didn’t have to send anyone off for training to get a truck licence.

How has business been since the beginning of COVID-19 in 2020? Did you need to make any changes to operations to adapt? 

During COVID-19, we were shut out of work sites in areas that went into lockdown. This affected construction in VIC and our people were only to be on site in small numbers. We adapted by swinging our people over into maintenance works to keep them employed. Thankfully we are back to normal now with plenty of work for our staff!

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It’s no secret the Hino 300 Series is one of the most popular trucks for small businesses looking to up-their-game, and with the option of a True Automatic Transmission, it’s easy enough to operate on a car licence. If your business is looking for a reliable, hard-work small truck to meet business demands, look no further than the Hino 300 Series.

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