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Introducing New Hino Traq. At Hino we are driven to do more for you and now with our telematics system you can be linked to your trucks 24/7 in real time. Receiving reports on everything that counts. All the vitally important, highly detailed data that can build your business. You’ll get reports on fuel efficiency. Optimising safety. Analysing and comparing driver performance. Up to the minute, pinpoint-accurate truck locations. Plus, a wealth of associated fleet intelligence that can dramatically improve your operational efficiency and business decision making.


Fuel Gauge

You can’t run a trucking business without fuel, but you can pinpoint ways to streamline and control fuel costs. Hino Traq Fuel Gauge monitors your fuel consumption in real time. It can analyse fuel usage by individual vehicles including vital over-revving and over-idling reporting to not only help optimise consumption, but also help you put in measures to further reduce maintenance and fuel costs.

Driver Safety Optimisation

In the trucking business, safety comes first… and successful operations are invariably safe ones. So, what if you could act as a virtual 24/7 on-board safety officer, without leaving the office? Now you can – with Driver Safety Optimisation as part of Hino Traq. In real time you can receive ongoing vehicle trip reports, so you can benchmark and monitor truck performance and efficiency. The in-cab driver alert button means you’re always fully informed, so you’ll know immediately if your driver or vehicle needs urgent assistance.

Driver Performance Management

The Hino Traq Driver Performance Management feature puts you right in the driver’s seat by actively monitoring, reporting, and helping you improve many aspects of your drivers’ workplace performance. Get real-time 24/7 reporting on key inefficient driving indicators such as harsh braking and acceleration, engine over-revving and over idling. Furthermore the Green Band reporting feature also helps determine driving efficiency by measuring efficiency within pre-set bands, using special Eco-Driving reporting.

Smart Traq

Every day your trucks travel hundreds, sometimes thousands of kilometres. Where are they right now? On schedule or not? Are they performing to delivery expectations, and how can you tell? With Smart Traq, you now can gather, monitor and assess vital information about your truck’s precise locations, 24/7, in real time. Geo-fencing also allows you to improve overall fleet productivity by providing you with vital information including arriving and departing worksites, liability and responsibility of company vehicles and overall transparency of your trucks in your fleet. Plus all your trip information and history is stored for up to 7 years.

Fleet Active

Want to improve your fleet knowledge, management and productivity in lots of clever and intuitive ways? Fleet Active can help you optimise your fleet usage by providing accurate time at location reports through performance benchmarks. Plus, it can also help you monitor the current efficiency of your fleet and then set new upper and lower performance limits. Other benefits include battery health checks and scheduled reporting.

Additional Benefits


Covered by a 3 years unlimited kilometre accessories warranty*, providing you with peace of mind so you can focus on your business profitability.


Our in-house Hino Care Centre connecting you directly to the centre of operations. Call 1300 01 HINO.


Trip information and history is stored for up to 7 years in an award winning data centre, engineered for superior reliability and security.

Product Offering

Your genuine Hino Traq telematics system will automatically come with:

To purchase, visit your nearest Hino dealer or call the Hino Care Centre on 1300 01 HINO

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*Visit Hino Accessories to find out more information on the 3 years unlimited kilometre accessories warranty.

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