Why Hino Trucks and Supercars

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Why Hino Trucks and Supercars

Recently our General Manager of Brand and Franchise Development, Bill Gillespie sat down with Supercars and discussed all things motorsport.

How long have you been at Hino Trucks and where were you before? 
5 years since February 2014, before that I was Director of Peugeot Australia, prior to that I was the Director of Sales and Marketing at Kia Motor Sales Australia.

What’s been your proudest moment at Hino Trucks?
Announcing the Supercars and Hino sponsorship in February 2016 at the Hino National Dealer Meeting at Sydney Town Hall in front of almost 400 Hino dealership and Hino Australia team members. This was the first sponsorship that Hino had undertaken in over 50 years of operation in Australia and it created a brand buzz which continues to this day for everyone at Hino.

Why is Hino Trucks a partner of Supercars? 
Simple! It’s a great brand fit for Hino. Our dealers love the association and the sport and so do our customers so it’s not hard to create excitement around the brand and it allows us to showcase our product and interact with customers in a unique manner that Hino can own against our competition. Supercars and the truck industry are a natural partnership in our view and it has proven to be the case over the last 3 years for Hino and our dealers.

What’s been the biggest highlight of Hino Trucks’ partnership with Supercars?
Two events stand out in my mind. Firstly, the moment we rolled out our unique Hino Sport Deck Activation truck and trailer at Sandown in September 2016 and the physical reality of our partnership was presented to all round acclaim by the Supercars community and it marked our arrival into the sport. That same year in October 2016 at Bathurst when Hino was present for the first time at the most iconic event in Motorsport and to see our Hino Trucks signs on the bridge at Bathurst for the first time was very special. We all remember the last 11 laps of that race when the helicopter flew low over the Hino bridge with the Hino brand prominent as the safety car rolled down with the field as Will Davison went onto win the race. Great race and a great day for Hino.

What’s your favourite Supercars Event? 
Has to Bathurst for the history of the sport there and the pure theatre it always provides. It never fails to excite and entertain and every year when we roll into Bathurst for the first time and see the sign on the mountain it’s a special moment.

What was your first car you owned? 
Love to say an iconic Australian V8 or something with massive horsepower given the heritage of the V8 in Australia and in Supercars but in my case budget prevailed and it was a 36 horsepower Volkswagen Beetle with a leaky fuel tank and crossply tyres but for $550 I wasn’t complaining. Just to have a car was a big deal and it spelled freedom!

Who would you invite to your ultimate dinner party? 
Unfortunately some of my ultimate dinner guest list are not still with us except in memories but from motorsport it would be Peter Brock, Ayrton Senna and then mix that with an interesting politician like Bob Hawke, the writer Charles Dickens was a great thinker of his time, actor Cate Blanchett to balance out the boys and current Virgin Australia Supercars Championship Race Director Supercar Clerk of Course Tim Schenken. It’d be a lively discourse with diverse view of the world.

To view all things Supercars, visit https://www.supercars.com/.

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