Thursday, 12 March 2015


One of Australia's leading manufacturers and distributors of melamine-coated MDF boards for kitchen and furniture manufacturers, builders and other users has added seven Hino 300 Series Hybrids to its fleet following a successful vehicle trial.

New South Wales central coast-based Borg Manufacturing (trading as Polytec, Parbury, Symonite, Dekorform and APP depending on product application) purchased one Hino 300 Series 616 and six 716 Hybrids to enable more nimble and efficient transport of its products in urban environments.

Borg Manufacturing's Hino Hybrids are fitted with bodies designed specifically for transporting board products and are decorated with Polytec livery.

They are fitted with an optional reversing camera to aid with vision around the custom body.

The 716s, which require a truck licence, are used for product deliveries. The 616 can be driven with a car licence and is used for merchandising.

The Hino Hybrids cover an average 250 to 300 kilometres per day making deliveries to kitchen manufacturers throughout the country.

Director Michael Borg said he chose the Hino 300 Series Hybrids because he believes they are the most advanced trucks of their size.

"We needed a truck that could be as nifty as a van, but with the carrying capacity of a truck," Mr Borg said.

"We were able to get that with the Hino Hybrid, along with strong green credentials and fuel savings with the hybrid system, and the convenience of its automated transmission."

Borg Manufacturing selected the Hino Hybrids following a two-month trial at its Melbourne operations.

"The truck received a lot of praise from the drivers for its comfort features and its handy turning circle," Mr Borg said.

The Hino 300 Series Hybrid entered the Australian light duty truck market in 2007.

It comes standard with safety items such as vehicle stability control, traction control, ABS and dual SRS airbags, and provides comfort with its ergonomically designed cabin, magnetically dampened and torsion bar-suspended driver's seat, and multimedia system with digital radio.

Borg Manufacturing has been in business for 25 years. It employs 1070 people at its factories on the central coast and in Oberon NSW, as well as its branches around the country. About 260 of its staff run its fleet of 100 trucks.

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