Hino: COVID-19 Coronavirus Statement

Thursday, 26 March 2020

Hino: COVID-19 Coronavirus Statement

As the COVID-19 Coronavirus situation continues to evolve, Hino Motor Sales Australia (HMSA) is taking a proactive and responsible stance to ensure the health and safety of our community.

HMSA considers human safety as one of our principle concerns. The Coronavirus does present a risk to human health, and as such the purpose of this document is to state our approach to ensuring these risks are minimised, while ensuring the highest possible levels of business continuity for our customers.

This business continuity statement will be reviewed regularly and updated with the latest advice and guidance from Government, both state and federal. The wellbeing of our customers, staff, dealers and business partners remains our highest priority.  

Following the advice of the Australian Federal Government and other relevant Health authorities, we have implemented a number of preventative measures. As matters progress we will continue to update our processes which currently include:

Our Business Continuity

HMSA’s continuity position is currently one of business as usual, with reduced face to face interaction and a high degree of readiness to respond as needed to change. We have taken steps to restrict or avoid face to face interactions and meetings, maximising the use of phone or web-based communication. Where this is unavoidable we have instituted checks on visitors entering the business and we have strategically positioned hand sanitisers and tissues within all receptions and working areas.

In line with government advice we have taken steps to allow all possible departments to function with team members working from home and consequently we have rapidly upgraded our mobile IT infrastructure. Where remote working is not feasible, we have taken all possible measures to limit exposure and to maximise the safety of our team. 

HMSA service team and our Hino dealers service departments will continue to provide essential preventative maintenance and breakdown repair to keep Australia’s Freight and Logistics business moving at this vital time for our community.

Ongoing and open communication channels: HMSA is constantly monitoring the situation and will provide continual updates to our customers and suppliers to keep all parties fully informed. We encourage anyone with concerns to contact HMSA directly or your Hino dealer.

Supply Chain Management: Hino will continue to monitor and manage the supply chain. At this stage we do not foresee any issues or obvious impact on Vehicle or Parts supply however some wharf movements may be impeded. If this affects the Hino supply chain, then updated advice to all Hino dealers and our customers will be provided.

Hino Dealer Network: HMSA is supporting our Dealer Network with instruction and guidance on how they can continue to ensure best practice and customer support. Our Dealers are reviewing the manner in which they can continue to provide Service workshop and Parts support outside of normal operating hours as the logistics business moves to a 24-hour cycle. These workshop and dealer support measures are being reviewed in light of any further lock downs that may occur.

Hino is supporting the work of the Truck Industry Council (TIC) whilst they work closely with the Australian Federal Government on maintaining Freight and Logistics infrastructure at this time

Hino Customer Call Centre: The in-house Hino Customer Care Centre is on standby to take calls. Be it a service enquiry or product advice the Customer Care team is available to you on 1300 01 HINO.

Updates to this general advice will be made as and when required.


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