New Hino 500 and 700 Series at Tokyo Motor Show

Thursday, 26 October 2017

New Hino 500 and 700 Series at Tokyo Motor Show

Hino Motors Co., Ltd. (“Hino”) will exhibit five vehicles including the new generation Hino 500 and 700 Series for the Japanese market, and a small-sized Hino Poncho Electric Vehicle (EV) community bus at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017 from Friday, October 27, to Sunday, November 5.

The theme for the Hino exhibition is "Trucks And Buses That Do More”, which incorporates the Japanese manufacturer’s desire to convey people and goods more efficiently and safely, and to be more useful in supporting people's lives.

Alongside displays of vehicles, Hino will also present exhibits to help visitors understand the company’s advanced environmental and safety technologies and its efforts to support vehicle operations.

Hino will also introduce its thinking about the future of logistics and human mobility.

Hino 700 Series

The new Hino 700 Series has undergone its first comprehensive model change in 14 years.

Both the interior and exterior have been changed, and its already well-regarded safety and economic efficiency have been further improved, and comply with the new Japanese exhaust emission standards.

The vehicle features advanced safety equipment such as a Pre-Collision damage mitigation braking System (PCS) capable of detecting vehicles and pedestrians and a lane departure alert system as standard equipment.

By downsizing the engine capacity from 13 litres to 9 litres, Hino has retained the most popular 380Hp (279kW) engine rating and delivered the customer expected levels of performance with a substantial tare weight saving.

Hino 500 Series

Like its heavy duty counterpart, the medium duty Hino 500 Series has undergone its first significant product change in 16 years and also now complies with the new Japanese exhaust emission standards.

With a completely restyled exterior and interior, the Hino 500 Series is equipped with the same advanced safety equipment as the Hino 700 Series.

The 500 Series Japanese models have also benefitted from engine downsizing and efficiency improvements with the engine capacity of 7 litres reduced to 5 litres bringing an increase in performance and improvement in fuel efficiency.

“The new 500 Series standard cab and the new 700 Series models displayed at the Tokyo Motor Show are tailored for the Japanese domestic market - a decision on a rollout of these models to markets outside Japan is yet to be confirmed,” said Hino Australia Product Strategy Manager, Daniel Petrovski.

Other features of the stand will be an electric Hino Poncho bus, which is available for limited sale in Japan.

It is the only light-duty non-step community bus in Japan.

It operates based on a high-frequency charging concept, whereby it is charged approximately every 10 km along its operating route and it has performed well in the three Japanese cities it currently operates in.

When driving, it runs quietly and emits zero exhaust emissions.

The Japanese manufacturer will also showcase its racing pedigree with the Dakar Rally-winning Hino 500 Series truck.

Completing the Hino line-up at the Tokyo Motor Show is a Hino 300 Series Hybrid light duty truck.

A top sales performer both in Australia and overseas, the hybrid driveline in the display vehicle is now equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission in place of the 5 speed automated manual transmission found in the Australian models.

The hybrid system control and fuel economy and drivability have all been improved.

Considered one of the world’s largest motor shows, the Tokyo Motor Show will feature concept and production cars, trucks and motorcycles from the world’s leading manufacturers.

More information about Hino at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show including further product specifications can be found here and here.

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