Traq your fuel consumption

You can’t run a trucking business without fuel but you can manage your usage. Apart from simple maintenance inspections, keeping your service intervals up to date and adjusting your driving habits, the Hino Traq Fuel Gauge can help you reduce one of your highest recurring costs.

Managing your time to meet deadlines on the road

Staying ahead of the game comes down to more than just knowing how to operate a vehicle or choosing a route. One of the most important factors in maintaining a competitive edge is managing your time effectively so that you meet your deadlines. Here are some tips.

What to consider when becoming a truckie in Australia

Did you know that Australia is quickly running short of truck drivers and the decline in this industry is forecasted to continue throughout the next decade? It’s been projected that between 2010 and 2030, truck freight will double and with one in five working drivers already at retirement age, this makes trucking a very viable niche for sustainable employment now and in the foreseeable future

A woman in a man’s world

Being a woman in a man’s world has become increasingly common, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. We spoke to one of these ladies, who has contributed greatly to the success at Sci-Fleet Hino.

Diesel? What next? How fuel cells could transform your truck

It’s a whole new world out there. Digital technology, engineering, energy production, infrastructure – innovation has swept through every single industry on the face of the Earth, and mostly for the better. In the transportation industry, the buzz word that’s making the rounds is ‘fuel cells’. But what is it really? And how does it affect you?


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