Foodbasket delivers Christmas cheer one family at a time

Christmas can be a tough time of year for a lot of families, with just over 3 million people in Australia living below the poverty line, it takes some special people to help make a difference and drive Christmas cheer.

We look back on 2019 and confirm what’s in store for 2020

In a highly competitive Australian truck market, Hino Australia has achieved a lot in the past 12 months, including “Delivery Magazine” awarding the 300 Series “Best Light Truck of 2020” along with the all-new 500 Series Standard Cab being added to the winner's list for “Technology and Innovation”.

Behind the scenes at the Hino Koga ‘Mother’ Factory

Hino are proud of the world class production facility currently in operation at the Hino Koga plant in Japan. It’s another example of technology driving manufacturing to staggering new heights, with cutting edge innovations in every aspect.

Hino Australia and Century Yuasa Batteries: A relationship going from strength to strength

Hino Australia and Century Yuasa Batteries have a relationship that commenced over 10 years ago, and recently the Brisbane based company drove away with their 100th Hino from Sci-Fleet Hino.

The future of the truck industry - How AI is changing the game

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing every aspect of how we operate in today’s society. AI has started to be adopted in a number of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, finance, education and of course our transport industry.


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