The Great Australian Driver Shortage

It’s no secret Australia has come to rely heavily on the transport industry over the last two years. With lockdowns across the country, and consumer shopping behaviour having an online focus, great strain has been put on the transport industry to help keep the country moving.

Confidence through reliability

CNC Cartage specialise in crane truck hire, flat top trucks, semi-trailers and regular crane hire to the building and construction industries and own a fleet of 500 and 700 Series. Read more about why they chose Hino.

Go beyond GPS fleet tracking with Hino-Connect

Telematics technology has been around and utilised for a lot longer than you may think. Some telematics systems can offer beyond real time performance tracking, including the most recently launched Hino-Connect system found as standard on all new Hino 700 Series.

Sometimes reliability is the biggest advantage

When it comes to choosing the right truck for your business there are many things to consider. We spoke with Mal Daly, director of Daly’s Construction about his fleet of 48 Hino trucks, and how their reliability has helped his business meet the demands of his customers in Melbourne and Brisbane.

How COVID-19 is shaping the future of transportation

It’s apparent COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way we live and work. It’s introduced an element we’ve not experienced together as a country for almost 100 years: uncertainty. Where we could once plan years in advance, we now take it months at a time, always with a back-up plan should things need to change quickly.


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