Future-Proofing the Logistics Network

A feature of modern city living is sitting in traffic jams, to the point it has almost become a way of life. As the nation’s population grows, pressure rises on infrastructure to keep Australia moving.

A guide to trucking terminology - 3rd edition

Trucking terminology can be complex and, at times, even baffling. Whether you’re looking to purchasing a Built to Go model or to simply understand the terms within the trucking industry, we’ve created a Trucking Terminology 101 series to help you learn the lingo.

De-centralising the logistics puzzle

The modern desire for ever efficient logistics has seen the industry step outside its traditional operating model, with portions of the market finding efficiencies by relocating hubs away from capital centres.

Stay safe at night driving your truck

Driving your truck at night is one of the riskiest times to be on the road for long hours. Not only do you start to get tired at night, but it’s also very easy to be lulled in the quiet and peace of an empty road. Driving at night requires more skill and concentration so let’s keep you and the rest of the road safe. Below are tips to apply when driving at night.

New changes to Chain of Responsibility laws

Some of us might be familiar with the Chain of Responsibility laws whereby everyone in the supply chain must take reasonable steps to ‘prevent driver fatigue and ensure a driver does not drive a heavy vehicle while impaired by fatigue’, but starting October 1st, there will be some changes that all truck drivers and operation owners must know.


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