The Stability Safety Revolution

The ongoing evolution of safety on the roads has seen vehicle manufacturers make giant strides in recent years, with a prime example being the street smart Hino 500 Series Standard Cab.

Essential tips to managing extreme weather on the road

Truck drivers experience Australian roads in all kinds of conditions. Here’s what you should know before braving the roads in bad weather.

Showing off their skills

Recently, as Hino sales, parts and service people competed to reach the Hino National Skills Contest, showing off their skills in servicing trucks, identifying parts and selling them, a female reached the finals for the first time. Talk to any workshop around the country and a shortage of skilled employees is identified as an ongoing problem.

The Transport Safety Evolution

Driving on the road is one of the most dangerous activities you will ever undertake. Consider how much time the average truck driver spends behind the wheel daily, and that exposure to risk grows significantly.

Keep your truck running at its best.

The annual Hino National Skills Contest ran in August this year and Thanh Nguyen was crowned our Service Skills winner for 2018. Thanh was tested on his diagnostic, analytical and technical skills in a series of hypothetical exercises alongside five other finalists from all over Australia.


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