Are you the next Hino Service Technician?

There is a shortage of technicians in Australia and as a company, we are calling all current mechanical technicians, or those men and women who want to make a leap into being a technician as a career, to get involved with Hino and receive world class training, great benefits and long term support.

5 Truck terms that are important to know

In our continuing series of truck terms you ought to know, we outline a few easy and more obscure terms to keep your trucking knowledge up to date.

Which colour Hino goes first, second and last?

Do you know your road rules? Which colour Hino goes first, second and last? After causing a stir on our Facebook page, we decided the best course of action is to give a proper answer to the road rules quiz we put out recently here.

The Stability Safety Revolution

The ongoing evolution of safety on the roads has seen vehicle manufacturers make giant strides in recent years, with a prime example being the street smart Hino 500 Series Standard Cab.

Essential tips to managing extreme weather on the road

Truck drivers experience Australian roads in all kinds of conditions. Here’s what you should know before braving the roads in bad weather.


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