How can mental health be improved in the heavy vehicle and logistics industries?

Mental Health has been an important topic of discussion over the last year with the COVID-19 pandemic catapulting demand for help worldwide.

Only the best service for your Hino

When it comes to getting your truck serviced, nothing beats a Hino Genuine Service and here’s why.

Truck Care: Check these 6 maintenance tips on your Hino to keep it running smoothly

At Hino we want to make sure your truck is running as smoothly as possible. Here we have outlined a checklist of 6 elements you should check so your truck is always running at its best.

How can you benefit from the Temporary Full Expensing of Capital Assets scheme

As of last year, the Federal Government introduced a number of initiatives designed to support the economy and unemployment.

What do the trade restrictions between China and Australia mean for the trucking industry in 2021?

As a response to COVID-19, Australia supported a growing call for an international enquiry into the way China have handled the pandemic. This sparked a backlash from China, who responded by introducing tariffs on Australian wine and barley exports, and restrictions on coal, lobster, timber, red meat and cotton.


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