Some of the oddest rules on Aussie roads

Truck driving requires tremendous skills including having the confidence in your ability to deliver, obtain the knowledge of the vehicle you are driving to operate in a safe manner to you and other road users, you must be physically and mentally fit and of course comply with federal and any state regulations.

A healthy mix of automation and knowing your customer base helps H2Flow grow their business

Creating a business that is reliable, does the job and over delivers is the cornerstone of every good customer-based business. Over the past 15 years, H2Flow has been testament to these ideals, building a leading water truck services and dry hire business in Brisbane.

How you can benefit from the Government assistance during COVID-19

Businesses across the country (and the world) are finding ways to adapt as best they can to this unprecedented pandemic. Some transport businesses are thriving and moving those essential goods and services that are in high demand, while sadly others are experiencing the slowest period to date on their books.

How can truck drivers implement best practices during the COVID-19 pandemic

Our truck drivers are at the front line during this global COVID-19 pandemic. As shelves are emptied of stock, and equipment demands are high, drivers like you keep essential goods and services moving during this time of need. However, it’s now more important than ever to implement safe work practices, and here are some tips to guide you in the right direction during this challenging time.

Women are breaking down industry perceptions at Hino

There is a perception that the transport industry is heavily male-dominated, and in previous years this wasn’t too far from the truth, but today it is being challenged as more and more women take on key roles within the industry, especially within the Hino Australia network.


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