How to choose the right tray for your truck

So you’re looking to buy or upgrade a truck for your business and you’ve research on the right engine, the comfort… but what about the right tray? We recently talked to Dave Dickman, Managing Director at Transalloy about what to consider when customising your tray for your truck.

The cleanest Hino yet

The all-new Hino 500 Series Standard Cab will have the cleanest exhaust emissions of any Japanese-built medium duty truck in Australia, equivalent to Euro 6, when it is launched later this month.

Driver Training: An Advantage in Efficiency

While first-grade footballers are at the top of their game, they still have a coach to get the most out of their on-field performance. In much the same way, truck drivers are professionals, but for many, a guiding hand can improve work habits, with many unexpected advantages.

A guide to trucking terminology – 4th edition

Baffled by trucking terminology? We’ve got you covered with our Trucking Terminology 101 series. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a trucking newcomer, you’re on your way to understanding the ins and outs of the industry lingo.

Where are the best places to camp in Oz?

Getting away to a campsite is one of the best things you can do in our country. As the weather starts to warm up, we thought we’d provide a list of some of the best spots to camp in Australia. This list has some of our own recommendations but is mainly secret and some not so secret spots offered by you, our Hino fans, on our Facebook page.


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