Changing Paradigms


Japanese truck brands have set the agenda in terms of what is and what is not included in the price and which level of sophistication, in terms of equipment, is included, but the new Hino 500 may start changing paradigms in this part of the market.

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Street Smart

Warren CavesPower Torque

Hino shows its 500 Series is based on clever thinking.

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Water Sports

Chris MullettDelivery Magazine

Hino’s 300 Series joins the battle to conserve water.

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The Great Leap Forward for Hino

Tim GilesDiesel

With the introduction of the new 500 Series Standard Cab range this year, Hino looks like it’s about to take a great leap forward in its standing in the Australian market. Tim Giles went to Japan to speak to the engineers, both from Australia and Japan, who have developed the latest model for the Australian market.

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A push in the right direction

Prime Mover Magazine

Designed and engineered in Australia the 6x2 version of the Hino 500 GH is all about practicality and flexibility.

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