Hino 300 Series Hybrid: Cleaner, more efficient trucks in the light-duty class.

A world leader in commercial vehicle hybrid technology

Ten years on and the Hino Hybrid is Australian’s premier and market leading diesel-electric light duty truck with over 450 sold since launch.  

Not only is the Hino Hybrid truck remarkably quiet, comfortable to drive and easy on the environment, it’s designed as the ultimate low maintenance, trouble free way to run your operation, maximising business efficiency while reducing your fuel consumption. Not to mention your carbon footprint. 

With superior technology and performance proven in Australia over ten years, the Hino 300 Series Hybrid features the world’s first Hybrid diesel engine designed exclusively for a commercial vehicle, delivering cleaner, more efficient transport solutions.



Benefits of owning a hybrid truck

By employing a diesel electric Hybrid system, using a Euro 5 and EVV compliant 4L diesel engine matched to an auxiliary electric motor that is emission-free, the Hino Hybrid drive system significantly reduces exhaust tailpipe emissions when compared to a conventional diesel-engined truck. 

Compared to a conventional truck the Hino Hybrid emits significantly reduced emissions of:

  • Carbon monoxide
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Particulate matter
  • Nitrogen oxide


Additional benefits of the Hino Hybrid




Reduced running costs through greatly improved fuel economy and savings on clutch replacement.



Reduced brake wear due to additional retardation from the electric motor.



Using the electric motor to start the engine and charge the batteries means lower maintenance costs.


Key Features

  • Diesel-electric Hybrid power
  • ProShift 5 Automated Manual Transmission
  • Idle stop
  • Regenerative braking
  • ABS braking
  • Vehicle Stability Control
  • Easy Start / take-off assist
  • Dual SRS airbags
  • Standard, wide and crew cab models
  • 4 wheel disc brakes
  • Multimedia system with digital radio and optional rear vision cameras
  • Diesel particulate active reduction filter
  • Low emission vehicle


To reduce maintenance costs and make operating your Hino more efficient for owners, the Hybrid trucks have exactly the same regular service intervals and in workshop service times as the conventional 300 Series diesel-engine light duty trucks.


Key Servicing Features

  • The main electrical components (the motor, inverter and nickel-metal hydride battery) are maintenance free.
  • No additional service costs for the Hino Hybrid trucks and regular service intervals of 20,000km. 
  • The same grade and quantity of engine oil, as well as the same filters as the 300 Series Hino truck.


Customer Stories

Darwin City Council


Darwin City Council

As Hino Australia celebrates 10 years since introducing the 300 Series Hybrid, the City of Darwin has renewed its trust in hybrid technology by training operations staff at its Winnellie headquarters.



Borg manufacturing


Borg Manufacturing

One of Australia's leading manufacturers and distributors of melamine-coated MDF boards for kitchen and furniture manufacturers, builders and other users has added seven Hino 300 Series Hybrids to its fleet following a successful vehicle trial.



TNT Australia


TNT Australia

TNT Australia is set to expand its hybrid truck fleet – already Australia’s largest – with the acquisition of another 24 Hino 300 Series Hybrids in the coming months.



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