5 best ways to market your trucking business online

Thursday, 27 October 2016

5 best ways to market your trucking business online

Most people think social media is reserved for the fun, hip and glamorous; but your trucking business can also get a boost through online marketing. It’s not a saturated space for the truckers, so your content will stand out, especially if you approach it with strategic thinking.

All it takes is a bit of know-how (and a good mobile Internet connection). Here are five ideas to ramp up your online presence, and ramp up your business IRL (in real life):


It may sound like a cliché, but you’d be surprised at how many businesses overlook good ol’ advertising on social media. Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, you name it – they all offer paid advertising channels, and compared to traditional advertising, social media ad costs are typically reasonable. Especially when you consider the wider audience reach through this medium. Also, social media advertising allows you to set your own budget,  start and stop ad campaigns quickly, and are generally more flexible. Win-win.

Go viral

It’s easier said than done, but posting viral content is still the Internet’s unicorn. As content in the trucking industry is still fairly rare – and not to mention dry and boring – you’ve got a chance to reach viral status. Ask yourself: “what kind of content would I be interested in viewing and, most importantly, sharing to friends and family?” Typically, videos and images that are touching or relatable win the masses, so maybe create some behind-the-scenes content featuring who your staff are and how they work. Or maybe follow one of your drivers on their shipping journey and document who and what they see along the way. Dream big; the possibilities are endless.

Provide customer service

Sometimes marketing isn’t always outbound. Providing top-notch customer service via your social media accounts cannot get overlooked because they’re very crucial communication channels – a huge percentage of people use the comments and reply features on social media to post enquiries and complaints, and don’t forget that this feedback is displayed publicly. So make sure you keep a close eye on your social networks and ready your fingers for speedy responses.

Create useful and interesting industry content

Just like you’re reading this article on our online channels, you could also create content on your website and social networks that would be of good use for your followers. Trucking companies can also provide useful real-time information to help their buddies on the road; think weather, accident, and traffic reports, or tips on rest stops, coffee shops and weigh stations. This encourages solidarity and camaraderie – all things a trucker would truly appreciate on the road.

Send out direct mail

You can set-up a customised direct mail campaign and send out periodic e-newsletters to a list of recipients. You can even purchase an email list of companies that fit your market, such as auto-part manufacturers or distribution companies. Also, get your site visitors to subscribe their email addresses on your company website by creating exclusive promotions that visitors can ‘unlock’ once they sign up with ther contact details. Once running, create interesting direct mail campaigns and think of headlines that grab attention.

Before all this, of course, make sure your social media channels are set-up properly. That is, you’ve chosen an easy URL or username, and have also made sure all the visuals work and are in-line with your brand. That goes for your company website too. Once the groundwork has been laid out, have fun in the world of online, and get ready to weatch your business grow.


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