5 Quick Maintenance Tips

Thursday, 5 October 2017

5 Quick Maintenance Tips

Keep your truck in tip top condition

A guide to ensure you’re maintaining your truck correctly for longevity from Hino Australia’s 2017 Service Hino Skills Contest winner Brandon Healey, WA Hino.

1. Read Your Truck’s Manual 
Read and become familiar with your owner's manual. The owner’s manual is filled with important information such as service schedules, warranty information, what to do in case of an emergency situation and meanings of warning/indicator lights. The manual will also contain information on where key components are located that require periodic inspections.
2. Schedule Services
It is essential for you to not miss your scheduled services. It’s also important to do your servicing not just by kilometres travelled but also by engine hours or time since last service, whichever occurs first. Modern vehicles with lower emission standards may also require a certain grade of engine oil to keep the engine running at an optimum level. Vehicles with Adblue may also require replacement of Adblue filters or strainers.

3. Frequently Check Your Vehicle 
Get into the habit of doing daily and weekly vehicle checks this will include: 

  • Checking fluid levels are all at the correct levels
  • A general check over of your vehicle for anything damaged
  • Test all the lights and electrical items of the vehicle
  • Drain the air tanks daily, if this is fitted on your vehicle
  • Look out for fluid leaks on the ground before getting into your vehicle of a morning 

Preventive maintenance can save you money on costly repairs in the long term.

4. Check Your Tyres
Check your tyres for damages and wear. It’s key to check your tyre’s pressures are at the correct level. Incorrect pressure causes abnormal and excessive wear. It’s also important to stop into your servicing centre to rotate the tyres as this will help even-out the wear. Improper wheel balancing will also effect tyre wear and is key in providing a smooth ride.

5. Check Your Driving Conditions
Knowing your driving conditions is important in keeping you and everyone else on the road safe. It's important to remember that the way your vehicle is loaded will affect the braking and handling dynamics of your vehicle. Other key points to check and know about your trip are:

  • Light conditions. (Day, night, dawn, dusk). When night driving it's important to check all your lights are operational before you leave. Consider getting your service centre to fit additional lighting if you are frequently night driving
  • Traffic conditions
  • Weather conditions (Dry, rain, fog, snow, ice)
  • Types of roads (highways, unsealed roads, country roads) 
  • Manage driver fatigue, take regular breaks and know the signs of fatigue eg. yawning, poor concentration, slowed reactions and boredom

Always keep in mind the following: 

  • Thoroughly read your vehicle’s manual 
  • Never miss an oil change
  • Keep your tyres balanced with correct air pressure
  • Check all your lights are in working order
  • Ensure fluid levels are high
  • Know your driving conditions
  • Stop in for an inspection at your local Hino Dealer

Keep your truck in top condition and find out more about Hino Capped Price Service.

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