Are road rules anything to laugh about? These are!

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Are road rules anything to laugh about? These are!

Just in case a trucker's life isn't hard enough, there is the matter of road rules. While most make sense, many sound like they were made up in a moment of extra madness by Kath and Kim, or the Three Stooges. 

What these road rules have in common is their rather tenuous connection with reality — and in many cases, their lack of consistency. 

Splashing Bus Stops 
Take the one about accidentally (we hope) splashing a pedestrian with mud whilst they are waiting for a bus. You could be fined $165 in NSW but splashing a pedestrian with water is OK.  

‘See ya mate’ 
Or what about the great Aussie ritual when leaving a friend's place? A couple of toots of the horn, some parting remarks (‘Top lasagne, Davo!’) and a thumbs up out the window as you drive off. This could cost you almost $600 and three demerit points in NSW: $298 for the “illegal use of a warning device”, and a further $298 fine (and three points) for having a “limb protrude” from the car. So it's time to pull your head in, along with those pesky limbs. That applies to passengers too.

Like your spuds? 
And if you want to know one of the weirdest road rules, in Western Australia only, it is an offence to possess 50kg or more of potatoes. The penalty is a fine of up to $2,000 for a first offence or $5,000 for subsequent offences. 

Hurry up 
If you’re maybe one of those people who are a little impatient sitting in traffic, you may want to re-consider honking your horn to move it along, because in Victoria it’s actually illegal to honk you’re horn and if caught you could get a fine up to $157.  

Number plate crims
Maybe you're a number plate crim? Keep an old one as a souvenir in Victoria and you're up for $141 for 'failing to surrender' it. 

Well, don’t forget to turn off your indicators because in Queensland if you don’t after turning or proceeding to change lanes you will most likely cop a fine.  

Lock your truck
Did you know it is illegal to leave your vehicle unlocked, key in the ignition or with windows open if you’re more than three metres away from your vehicle? In NSW each of those offences will cost you $99; in Victoria, $141. Leaving the parking brake off — not that you would) is also another $141. 

If it’s too loud, you’re too old
And did we mention 'emitting an offensive noise from a stereo'? Maybe it's the early Bob Dylan? André Rieu? Marilyn Manson? We'll leave that to you. But in NSW, be ready with $150. Ssshh.

These are only a few and there are a lot more where these came from. To get yourself updated, refer to your state and territory road authorities.

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