Buying Genuine Parts Always Pays Off

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Buying Genuine Parts Always Pays Off

Navigating what to do when needing new parts for your truck can be tricky but don’t worry, Hino Australia’s 2017 Part Skills Contestant Winner, Tom Stewart from West Orange Motors gives some great tips and insight into best practices.

Why should you purchase genuine over non-genuine?

Due to the large number of aftermarket companies producing parts, buying non-genuine parts won’t give you the guarantee of a quality product. There are fewer controls with non-genuine products which may mean your part may not fit as well. When purchasing genuine you are guaranteed a higher level of quality. Genuine parts may cost a little more but will definitely payoff in the long term.

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What are some advantages of using a Hino dealership over going to a non-genuine supplier?

The dealership has the total support from the Hino Brand, this includes:

• The necessary tools to ID which parts the customer may require, ordering the right part first time, every time

• The support from Hino Australia & Hino Motors Limited

• Factory trained technicians to ensure parts are fitted right

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Are genuine parts only available for current model vehicles?

Genuine parts are not just available for the current models, they are also available for older models which can date back to at least 30 years depending on the parts required.

What’s the advantage with keeping an older vehicle 100% genuine?

Keeping the older truck genuine keeps it performing the same way as when you first purchased it. It will increase the resale value and also the life of the truck.

What do you advise Hino owners to do if you need a part urgently?

Contact your local Hino Dealer, explain exactly what you are after and what issue you are having. The ‘Parts Interpreter’ will work out what parts are required, gives options and an estimated time of arrival if they need to be ordered as the part may not be in stock at the dealership.

• Parts can be ordered daily and can even arrive within 24 hours.

• If required sooner, Hino Australia can send the part/s as a same day delivery if ordered before lunch.

• If in the case the part has to come from Japan, Hino Australia can order them as a normal air freight, which takes 10 business days or if urgent the part can be ordered as DHL, which would take up to 3-5 working days.

Benefits of Hino Genuine Parts Warranty

The benefits of buying Hino Genuine parts is the 1year, 100,000km warranty on all parts purchased when fitted by someone other than an authorised dealer. If you get these parts fitted by a Hino authorised dealer they will have a 3 years unlimited kilometre warranty on both the part and also the labour.

This warranty applies across the complete Hino model range. Not to mention if you get it fitted by an authorised Hino Dealer you are also getting factory trained technicians with the latest diagnostic tools and the support from Hino Australia.

When looking for accessories for your truck, is there any advice you can recommend?

I would advise the customer to either come into a Hino Dealership and grab one of our accessory brochures or go onto and get the online brochure. Once you have worked out what accessories you would like get them fitted by a Hino Authorised Dealer as accessories are also covered with a 3 Year Unlimited Kilometre Warranty for both the accessory and labour.

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