How a Hino Can Help Save Time, Money and Your Back

Monday, 28 August 2023

How a Hino Can Help Save Time, Money and Your Back

Meet Sam McKay from Makplumb Solutions. Sam has been plumbing his way up and down Sydney’s Northern Beaches for the last 16 years, conquering the world of domestic maintenance and residential plumbing. Sam recently upgraded to a Hino 300 Series tipper, and has been loving it ever-since. 

The Advantages of Upgrading to a Tipper Truck.

Sam has semi-specialised in rising damp and flood prevention, which brings with it a lot of bulk material. The constant loading and unloading by hand became too strenuous on his back and started to become a problem, so he needed a solution. So, he decided it was time to invest in a light duty tipper truck. 

When asked why he chose Hino, Sam said “It was honestly a no-brainer for me, Hino are the pinnacle of trucks. Everyone you speak to on construction sites or even reading reviews online, no one has a bad word to say about them. While online research is important, there’s nothing that tradies trust more than word of mouth from others in the industry. When everyone you speak to is recommending Hino, you know it’s the best brand in the market.” Testament to this, Sam had not driven a Hino before he bought his 300 Series, he waved the test drive and bought it straight away.

With his new Hino Built to Go Tipper, Sam can now easily load the back of the truck with up to 2.5 tonnes of material or rubbish - on top of carrying all of his tools - and just tip it off at the other end.

“Having a vehicle with a tipper tray really saves my back, and also saves time waiting for deliveries. We are in a demanding industry so not having to drag heavy items around by hand is a life saver. It’s also the perfect size. It’s small enough to drive in residential areas, without compromising on power or payload.”

“Having a tipper truck has also allowed me to do more jobs.” 

Sam recalled a job that urgently required the hiring of a mini-excavator. He was able to float the machine to site and remove the excess waste with his tipper truck. Having his Hino saved him time and saved the client thousands of dollars. With his tipper, Sam can now take on bigger jobs with the confidence that he has a strong, reliable vehicle by his side.

Impressed from the get-go. 

Once Sam started singing praises for his new truck, it was hard to stop him. “From when you first climb into the cab you notice the difference. The quality of the make is top tier. Everything from the cabin comfort and layout, to the solidity of the drive. You know you’re in a truck, but because of the Hino gearbox, it drives as smooth as a car.” 

“I chose the Hino BTG Tipper because of how it comes – I didn’t need to do anything really. There were a few modifications I made to the tray to house my tool boxes, high-pressure water jetter and a watertank.”

Being prepared is key.

In remedial and emergency plumbing, the phone can ring at any time. Every job is different and the key to being successful is being prepared. The GVM of his truck allows him to carry everything he needs: 

  • His hand tools and power tools.
  • Bulk materials and building supplies.
  • Waste material or rubbish from site. 
  • He can tow his excavator. 
  • And of course, his trusty Labrador in the passenger seat.

The Crème de la Crème. 

After forming relationships with a handful of dealerships, Sam settled with Mavin Hino, as they were able to supply him with his new truck with very little wait time. The self-proclaimed “easiest customer ever”, knew what he wanted, when he wanted it, and was ready to pick it up as soon as it became available. Mavin Hino’s ability to provide his truck shortly after his enquiry was paramount to his decision. Sam, a business man himself, quickly grew trust in Mavin Hino for contantsnatly keeping an open line of communication and being upfront and honest through the entire process. 

We asked Sam to sum up his experience with Hino, here is what he said. 
“In short, Hino is the best. I affectionately call Hino the Rolls Royce of trucks. I’ve driven utes my whole life and since I’ve upgraded to a Hino truck, I can confidently say I will never go back.”

Thanks Sam for your continued support. If you need a great Plumber on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, be sure to contact him.

Sam McKay
Makplumb Solutions
0431 972 334


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