How Hino helped business to greener pastures.

Tuesday, 28 November 2023

How Hino helped business to greener pastures.


Hino helps local business, Pristine Tree People, climb to the top.

We chatted with Alex Walker, co-director of Pristine Tree People, to find out how the team is giving nature a helping hand in the Southern Highlands, and how their Hino has played a part in making their business a cut above the rest.

Pulling up stumps for greener pastures.

Pristine Tree People is an arborist business based in New South Wales’ Southern Highlands that specialises in tree removal, pruning and restoration. “We are arborists who take extra care to leave our customers’ properties pristine when we're done. In practical terms, this means employing more sophisticated climbing techniques to safely bring down big trees and prioritising customer service.”

Alex says that he and co-director Zac have always had a massive love for the outdoors and gravitated towards arborary from a young age. They both worked in the industry together for several years, starting off at the same arborary company in England before moving to Australia’s Sutherland Shire to work as contract climbers. But greener pastures eventually called in the Southern Highlands with an opportunity too good to pass up.

“Friends and family had moved from Sydney to the Southern Highlands and would always be telling us how hard it was to get a response from any trade. It was clear the area was under-serviced, so we thought ‘why not?’. So, in 2022, we started Pristine Tree People to help people safely look after the green waste, and we’ve never looked back.”

How Hino chipped in to get the business off the ground.When it came to deciding which truck was right for their business, Alex first looked into buying a Hino because of how many they were seeing on the roads.

When it came time to get behind the wheel of one, they realised that the Hino 500 Series ticked all their boxes. “On top of being a far more comfortable ride than other trucks we’d test driven, Hino had a more functional cabin layout, great weight capabilities and a great turning circle.”

To build on these features, the team at Pristine Tree People got their Hino 500 Series fitted out specifically for their arborary business. Alex tells us, “We had a few things done to install a steel-framed, alloy-sheeted chipping body. We added things like electric trailer brakes, manual wind-out tarp for wood chipping and a steel toolbox in between the cab and tipping body.”

When your dealer goes the extra mile.

Pristine Tree People bought their Hino 500 GH 1828, from Till Hino in Geelong, where their sales representative went above and beyond for them. “The sales rep was 100% the reason we bought a Hino. It was just post COVID, and we were nervous about putting a deposit down with the supply delays at the time. But giving us the serial number and keeping us updated with the progress of the truck on a regular basis helped us to relax. And in the end, the truck was ready ahead of schedule!”

Till Hino really did go the extra miles, driving Alex’s new truck from Geelong to Melbourne, where Alex flew in from Sydney to meet them and get the keys to Pristine Tree People’s trusty new team member.

Now, they service their truck regularly at Hino Illawarra, where they continue to have positive experiences, with Alex describing their Servicing team as “always so reliable.”

Hino helps spread the word.

“Our Hino truck is a central part of our business,” Alex tells us. “We use it for waste removal and to transport equipment like stump grinders and diggers. It helps us move material safely and securely - and without that, we wouldn't have a business.”

On top of the functional aspects of the truck, which helps keep Pristine Tree People operating day-to-day, Alex tells us he loves that it also works as a great marketing tool. “The truck is a massive advertising beacon,” Alex explains, “we specifically chose modifications that allowed for a large, flat printed area for our logo and name. We often get calls from people who have passed by our work site and want a quote for other work nearby”.

Looking forward.

With business thriving, Alex says that growing their Hino fleet is definitely on the cards. “The next purchase would be a smaller truck so that we can get into tighter places.”

When asked if he would recommend Hino to other businesses, Alex’s response is a big yes. “Absolutely, we are SUPER happy with our choice. We love our truck!”

Thanks Alex, for your continued support. If you’re ever in need of some arborary services in the Southern Highlands, make sure to reach out to Pristine Tree People. They’ll be sure to have your back.



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