Planning on growing your business and fleet?

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Planning on growing your business and fleet?

Steve Tabak, Owner and Director of Eco Waste Services shares how he grew his fleet exponentially. Servicing Geelong to Apollo Bay, Ballarat to Sunbury, down to Tullamarine Highway to Westgate Bridge and in-between. 

A business idea became a reality
Eco Waste Services was built on an idea that began in a friend’s backyard on a Sunday afternoon when Steve had a skip delivered to remove some waste. Six months later in May 2003, Eco Waste Services became a full service waste removal business, providing skip bins and removing waste. 

I initially purchased one 500 Series, Merrlo Bin Hino truck from Prestige Hino and 10 skip bins.

Quickly, I recognised an opportunity within the commercial and residential building industry and I found myself purchasing more skip bins and Hino truck’s. Once the focus moved to construction growth, it was exponential and in 2005 it became my soul focus. 

Growing the business 
In 2005 I started employing staff to help manage the requirements of my clients. I’m a strong believer that ‘you and your business are only as good as your staff and your suppliers’. I have always tried to ensure that I have good staff, train them well and that they become ambassadors for my business. 

Suppliers are also a key component within my industry demands that we deliver on time. Over the past 15 years I have worked tirelessly to ensure that I have a strong supply chain.  

Of course, it goes without saying that customers are our major priority and I ensure all my staff are always focused on our client’s requirements.

Opportunities to expand
We have endeavoured to meet the demands of our client base. Although our clients have changed over the years, we have always remained in construction. Initially, Eco Waste Services was working within both commercial and residential construction. Today, we are focused on residential construction and I am always looking at different markets to ensure the company continues its strong growth.

Restrictions to growth 
Cash flow is always a concern in any growing business. I have been fortunate to employ the right people to ensure the growth has been managed. Purchasing the fleet has always been the easy part, ensuring that you have the right mix of staff and clients is the hard part. 

The right equipment
When it came to my business I elected to only buy new trucks and only buy one brand. After researching the best bin trucks available I elected to go with Hino. Fourteen years later, I only purchase Hino trucks and to this day I am still proud of my original decision.

From my first Hino in 2003, Eco Waste Services has now purchased in excess of 38 Hino trucks. Our current fleet has 2 x Hino 300 Series, 15 x Hino 500 Series and I have recently received a new 500 Series Tilt and ordered four new 500 Series Wide Cab models from Prestige Hino.

Hino has never let me down. Sure, I have had issues along the way, but the service I have received has always ensured my fleet is up and running as soon as possible. 

Benefits of owning one brand
I know my fleet.  My mechanic knows my fleet. My clients know my fleet. My staff all have allocated trucks but can interchange between trucks with ease, ensuring our client’s requirements are always met. As the fleet and business continue to grow I have faith in the knowledge that my staff and suppliers will always be able to meet our client’s requirements and in turn ensure their continued growth.


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