Traq your Business's Driver Safety

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Traq your Business's Driver Safety

At Hino we understand that successful operations are dependent on safety, and with unfortunate risks arising in any job title the event of an accident must be manageable for the business owner. 

Whereas it may seem impossible to maintain communication with your entire fleet at all times, Hino has your safety in mind with the Driver Safety Optimisation feature, part of Hino Traq.

With built in GPS, this feature within Hino Traq can provide you with everything that counts for your employee and vehicle safety:

  • Alert you if any of your vehicles or drivers need immediate assistance.
  • Locate your vehicles if they have been lost or stolen, which is important as the loss of any vehicle or good is very expensive for your business. 
  • Track your inventory so you can communicate with customers on estimated arrival time.
  • Allow you to monitor the performance of your vehicles and apply acceptable driving techniques if required

Overall providing your business with a necessary safe guard.  

Hino Traq, here to help you make better business decisions and build your advantage.



Talk to your Hino dealer today about staying on top of your business performance with driver safety optimisation.

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