Upskilling to a Heavy Rigid Truck Licence

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Upskilling to a Heavy Rigid Truck Licence

If you’re ready to hone your driving abilities and add flexibility to your skillset, a heavy rigid (HR) truck licence could be your ticket. The HR licence will allow you to operate heavy vehicles with safety and precision.
If you are successful in obtaining a HR licence you will be free to drive: 
• Trucks and buses with a GVM more than eight tonnes, and three or more axels.
• Any towed trailer must not weigh more than nine tonnes GVM.
• Bendy buses, these are treated as rigid vehicles even though they are articulated vehicles. 

Licence Classes 
It’s no secret that you need different skills and road knowledge to drive a prime mover with semi-trailer in comparison to operating a tipper.
Navigating the licensing process and successfully obtaining various truck licences can be confusing. Essentially there are five licence classes (
• Light Rigid (LR) 
• Medium Rigid (MR)
• Heavy Rigid (HR)
• Heavy Combination (HC)
• Multi-Combination (MC)

Each licence class equips drivers with the know-how to legally operate vehicles of different classes, from small trucks to multi-combination vehicles. 

What do you need to pass a HR licence?
Though requirements vary by state, you’ll generally need to:

• Hold a car (class C) licence.
• Pass a written test that will demonstrate your knowledge of road rules.
• Complete a behind-the-wheel driving test. This practical test will assess your ability to manoeuvre a heavy vehicle when parking, stopping, and reversing. 
• Pass an eyesight test to ensure your safety on the road.

If you already hold a medium or light rigid licence, you may be eligible to skip the written test depending on your state’s requirements.

Truck Rules by State
HR licence requirements can differ from state to state. Check out your state’s requirements:

• ACT -  
• NSW -  
• QLD -  
• NT -  
• WA -  
• SA -  
• VIC -
• TAS -

With your new heavy rigid licence, you’ll be able to take on new challenges, adapt to industry changes, and progress in your driving career.
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