Which colour Hino goes first, second and last?

Friday, 28 June 2019

Which colour Hino goes first, second and last?

After causing a stir on our Facebook page, we decided the best course of action is to give an extensive answer to the road rules quiz we put out recently. Check it out here.

This is a tricky question, partly because a lot of drivers on the road in Australia probably haven’t seen this type of intersection, but also because road rules can be tough to correctly understand as they are changing or sometimes seen as subjective, especially in this case. 

We’ve outlined the correct road rules answer below. We have sourced this answer from the NSW RMS

The black Hino goes first 

This Hino has a distinct advantage over the other two vehicles at the intersection. The line markings follow the path of the Hino trucks journey, and the Give Way sign at the intersection make this Hino simply able continue its journey on the allocated road, without the need to stop for other traffic at the intersection. 

The white Hino goes next 

This is where the continuing road (which is marked with broken white lines) goes around a corner. As the white Hino is continuing forward, it must in fact signal with its right hand side indicator to leave the continuing road and enter the terminating road. It must ensure there is a safe gap to continue onto the new road.

The red Hino goes third

This is (hopefully) an obvious one for all road users. The red Hino is facing the Give Way sign to its left hand side. As the red Hino is also turning right, it must also ensure it has its right hand side indicator showing. This Hino cannot move until all other traffic has left the road and there is space to complete the turn onto the new road. 

Safe driving!

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