Why Driver Comfort Is An Important Factor In Improving Safety

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Why Driver Comfort Is An Important Factor In Improving Safety

Safety is one of the major considerations in the purchase of a new vehicle, and features that add to the safety of your vehicle make driving easier and more comfortable. Driver comfort impacts the driver’s productivity and long-term health, but it goes much further than how nice the seats are. Hino understands the importance of these two areas and considers the following key design principles when developing its trucks.

The Isringhausen (ISRI®) driver’s seat is the first thing you’ll notice when getting into the cabin of a medium-duty Hino 500 series or heavy-duty 700 series model. These industry-leading seats feature a high back, multi-adjustable air suspension and dual stage air lumbar support system for the ultimate in driver comfort and safety, while saving the driver from lower back pain in the future. The most noticeable feature of this seat is the fully integrated seat belt system, which allows the seat belt to move up and down in parallel with the seat suspension. Providing a consistent and comfortable seat belt tension even in the roughest terrain, it completely eliminates the common problem of the belt chafing on the driver’s shoulder.

The passenger seat also has a high back, reclining seat with adjustable air suspension fitted as standard on the Wide Cab 500 Series models, and as a dealer fit option on Narrow and Crew Cab models. And of course, all Hino trucks include a driver’s-side SRS airbag to provide protection to the head and chest by absorbing energy in the unfortunate event of a collision.

Now that you’re buckled in and comfortable, you will need to make sure all your controls are easily accessible and suited to your driving position. The tilt and telescopic steering column is fully adjustable, offering multiple driving positions for greater driver comfort.

Comfort can extend to things you may not even notice. The modern additions of automatic or automated (two-pedal) transmission reduces maintenance and saves fuel while allowing drivers to keep both hands on the wheel. The smoother transmission reduces fatigue by making the truck less physically demanding to drive.

Quality audio systems and Bluetooth connectivity add safety and enjoyment. The multimedia unit includes a 6.1-inch high definition touch screen, DAB+ digital radio, AM and FM radio, plus CD, DVD, USB and SD functionality giving access to digital photographs, video and audio files. Hands-free phone connectivity through the Bluetooth enables the driver to stay focused on the road with the use of voice dialling. The multimedia system can also be optioned with a ‘truck specific’ navigation system developed specially for the Australian truck industry. It allows the driver to plan routes specific to their application (encompassing axles, weight, dimensions and even the cargo carried), to alerting the driver of required rest times.

There are also exterior features that have been designed to offer safety and comfort for you or your driver. The cab is constructed of high strength steel and meets the ECE R29 crash test regulations. Accessibility into the cab has also been considered with a generous sized door opening offering ease of entry and exit. Three-point contact steps and handles also provide safe entry and exit. Crew and Wide Cab Models have an electro/hydraulic forward tilting cab for greater engine access and ease of repair, lower maintenance times and higher safety. A warning light and buzzer notifies the driver if the cab is not fully secured and locked in place.

Visibility is important for any driver and our trucks are built with large, flat, heated and electronically adjustable mirrors with a separate adjustable heated convex spotter mirror, while the additional kerb observation mirror gives the driver a comprehensive view of whatever is behind, below and to the side of the cabin. Additional visibility features include the large, aerodynamically designed windscreen, halogen headlamps and integrated fog lamps. If that is not enough visibility, you also have the option to install up to three cameras to provide a 360-degree view around the truck.

One of the most important safety features is the anti-lock braking system (ABS). The ABS brakes are designed to coordinate brake pressure to each wheel, preventing lock up and skidding and allowing the driver to keep control of the vehicle in braking situations and reduce the likelihood of an accident.

Make sure these features are among the first things you check when purchasing a new vehicle. Comfort simply for the sake of comfort is just not good enough. Hino Australia’s wide range of trucks are built with safety in mind, and comfort as a bonus.

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