Why it pays to stay in touch with your long-haul truckies

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Why it pays to stay in touch with your long-haul truckies

Why it pays to stay in touch with your long-haul truckies

No matter how trustworthy your drivers might be, there are many reasons why you need to remain in constant contact with them. In real-world terms, both sides benefit.

For the Fleet Manager, the benefits of receiving constantly updated driver data are obvious, including the ability to track driver whereabouts, fuel efficiency, time spent behind the wheel, overall performance monitoring, road regulations compliance and more — including accurate overall fleet management.

Truck drivers should also welcome the way Hino Traq helps them to perform at their best. Just a push-button away from help, advice and assistance, no matter what their distance from base, or whatever their punctuality, Hino Traq offers this.

These key factors deserve a closer look, especially in the context of how much the Hino Smart Traq feature can help within Hino Traq

Performing to delivery expectations

It is essential to be aware of where drivers are and how well they perform. Paperwork and CB radio, even smartphones, are no longer adequate for truly optimum fleet management. Nowadays comprehensive, accurate and real-time data make all the difference — both to management and drivers.

Hino Smart Traq helps you gather and monitor your fleet, which can be stored up to 7 years.  Through the live vehicle tracking functionality, Fleet Managers can accurately pinpoint a truck’s location at any time, 24/7, confirming that they are exactly where they are supposed to be at any given time.

At the same time, Smart Traq's Geo-Fence reporting provides a significant advantage by enabling managers to geo-fence areas where fleet trucks should or should not go by providing instant alerts when specified zones are entered or exited. 

This vastly improves overall fleet productivity by monitoring driver arrivals and departures from specified destinations while ensuring safety and liability criteria are constantly and accurately met. Its also can be used to discourage drivers from running personal errands or drifting off course, whilst driving the company trucks, 

Overcoming the tyranny of distance

While drivers are, by their nature resolute, independently minded and well able to look after themselves, even the best can feel isolated in proportion to the distance travelled. By making it easy for them to communicate immediately with base at all times through the in-cab driver alert button, day or night, Hino Traq helps ensure the often self-imposed pressures many may feel are minimised. The result is a positive mindset that makes for better, safer driving — no matter how great the distance.

Meeting scheduled deadlines safely and cost-effectively

Long-haul trucking obviously needs to be efficient to be profitable. Hino Traq enables management to help drivers enhance their driving performance by obtaining reports on key inefficient driving indicators.  Hino Smart Traq can also help determine driving performance by measuring efficiency within pre-set bands, using special Eco-Driving reporting.

At the same time, the Hino Traq system helps ensure more effective fuel usage techniques are applied, by keeping track of such factors as over-revving, under-idling, excessive accelerating, harsh braking, speeding and other tank-emptying habits. 

Hino Traq, here to help you make better business decisions and build your advantage.

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