Maximise fuel efficiency in your truck

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Maximise fuel efficiency in your truck

Think of your truck as a human body. It is a powerful, complex machine made of intricate systems with interconnected parts that perform specific functions, yet sharing a common goal: to keep you alive. Its general wellbeing is dependent on preventative maintenance, improvements and upgrade of the whole system. Just like keeping your body in check, optimising your seasoned truck for durability and fuel efficiency is the best way to help you be more efficient.

1. Maintenance: Your truck is your temple

Just like the human body, your truck is an evolving entity that can change and grow and become better overtime. What you put in is what you get out. The engine is the heart, and routine checks can lengthen the life of your trucks.

Simple maintenance inspections will contribute to maximising your engine’s efficiency and fuel economy. This includes regularly checking the engine oil when the engine is at operating temperature and turned off,  draining any water from the fuel filter, replacing the fuel filters and air cleaner element when necessary  and also checking the engine coolant level when the engine is cold. It is also important to note that for better performance the engine oil, coolant and parts used should be genuine.

Ensure the tires suit the application and monitor their pressure regularly to minimise excessive and uneven wear, which could result in increased gas mileage and road safety concerns.

Best advice = keep up to date with suggested service intervals that are detailed in your owner’s manual.  

2. Improvement: Adjust your driving habits

A driver’s skill, experience and behaviour behind the wheel can dramatically impact fuel efficiency. Drive conservatively and implement simple adjustments to your driving habits to reduce fuel consumption and increase truck longevity.
Plan your route ahead, check the weather and be aware of your driving conditions. Maintain a steady and safe speed, use cruise control if possible, improve your clutch control, accelerate smoothly and avoid excessive braking, revving and idling.
Where applicable, improve aerodynamics by arranging your load as low as possible at the centre of the truck and behind the cab.

3. Upgrade: Befriend technology

Investing in the latest technological advances in the trucking industry can help truck performance and improve fuel efficiency. Satellite navigation systems can determine the most efficient route for your journey while keeping you informed of road markings and elevation. MPG meters and various smart phone applications can measure the distance you cover per litre in real time, allow you to compare the results of driving in different conditions and adjust your driving habits according to the recorded data.

If you set yourself up properly and adopt these fuel-saving tips, you can extend your beloved truck’s lifespan, improve its performance and prevent costly repairs down the road, making for a super efficient drive.


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