Fuel Cells and Battery EVS for Hino at Japan Mobility Show

Thursday, 12 October 2023

Fuel Cells and Battery EVS for Hino at Japan Mobility Show
The Hino stand will feature two versions of the Dutro Z-EV, a walkthrough van (pictured) and a traditional cab chassis with an aluminium van body.

Hino Motors, Ltd. has announced the trucks that will feature on its stand at the Japan Mobility Show (formerly the Tokyo Motor Show) in Tokyo from 26 October to 5 November 2023.

“With a theme of ‘We make a better world and future by helping people and goods get where they need to go’, the Hino stand will be an exciting combination of the present and the future,” said Daniel Petrovski, Department Manager – Product Strategy for Hino Australia. 

Displayed on the stand will be two variants of the light-duty Dutro Z-EV (Battery Electric Vehicle) and a prototype version of the heavy-duty Profia Z-FCV (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle), which are known as 300 Series and 700 Series respectively in Australia. 

“The Dutro Z-EV has been in production in Japan for over a year, and customer demand in Japan has been stronger than expected,” said Mr Petrovski. 

The Hino stand will feature two versions of the Dutro Z-EV, a walkthrough van and a traditional cab chassis with an aluminium van body.

“The design is particularly clever, with a compact 50kW electric motor mounted under the cab driving the front wheels.

“A low-profile lithium-ion battery is located under the vehicle and sits between and along the sides of the chassis rails, allowing for an ultra-low floor and cargo area.

“The ultra-low floor makes it easier for operators to move around the vehicle to load and unload cargo, and importantly, to get in and out of the vehicle.”

In addition to the walk-through van, Hino also offers a traditional light truck style cab chassis version that customers can mount their application-specific body to.

“The Dutro Z-EV is a Hino-designed and developed battery electric truck with an estimated cruising range of 150km and a payload of approximately 1,000kg - it fulfills customers’ requirements for a zero-tailpipe emissions vehicle for last mile deliveries.  

“Hino Australia is currently in discussions with Hino Motors, Ltd. regarding the future introduction of the Dutro Z-EV, however the Hybrid Electric remains the most suitable low emissions solution for applications in the Australian market,” continued Mr Petrovski.

Also featured on the stand is a prototype Hino heavy-duty Profia Z-FCV (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle) which has been developed collaboratively between Hino and its parent company Toyota.  

“The Hino Profia Z-FCV incorporates a Toyota Fuel Cell system, with an AC (alternating current) synchronous motor, large-capacity high-pressure hydrogen tanks and a lithium ion battery to deliver a driving range in excess of 600 kilometres, which is well suited to the highway transportation operation these vehicles are used for in Japan,” he continued.

The Hino stand will also highlight its partner companies, which work with customers on the smooth transition of zero emissions transport solutions into their businesses, improving productivity and reducing their environmental footprint.

“CUBE-LINX consults with and provides guidance to Hino customers on the successful introduction of zero emissions commercial EVs and ancillary equipment including the installation and management of peripheral charger equipment,” said Mr Petrovski.

“NEXT Logistics Japan aims to solve logistical issues with an open framework of shipping, logistics, information and finance with a shared goal of transporting more cargo with fewer drivers and trucks.

“The Hino stand will display innovative mobility solutions which are available today and it will continue our long history of leadership in the delivery of sustainable transport solutions both globally and in Australia,” concluded Mr Petrovski.

More information about Hino at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show including further product specifications can be found here.


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