Hino Training Supports Cleaner Future

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Hino Training Supports Cleaner Future

Hino Australia has continued its commitment to reducing vehicle emissions and improving air quality by running a comprehensive training course on the inner workings of Hino’s vehicle emissions systems.

The most recent group of dealer technicians attended the course last week at Hino’s technical training centre in southern Sydney.

The two-day Hino-developed course is aimed at providing participants with the skills required to better maintain Euro 5 emissions standards.

Designed and delivered by Hino Australia’s dedicated training division, the course helps technicians to gain a better understanding of the newer Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) emissions systems and how they differ from the Diesel Particulate Active Reduction (DPR) system.

The SCR system currently fitted to Hino’s heavy-duty 700 Series is an exhaust after-treatment that virtually eliminates harmful nitrous oxides (NOx) from exhaust gases.

Hino Australia Technical & Service Support Manager Gus Belanszky stressed the importance of maintaining a high standard of training in the effort to reduce emissions.

“Delivering quality service to our customers begins with ensuring our service staff have the skills and knowledge they need.

“Our vehicle emissions course offers information about the latest and most efficient solutions regarding diagnosis and maintenance of our SCR systems,” Mr Belanszky said.

“Hino takes its responsibility to help reduce vehicle emissions very seriously, and courses like this ensure the SCR systems fitted to our trucks operate exactly as they were designed to.”

Vanderfield Hino technician Clint Pocock travelled from Toowoomba to attend the course on the recommendation of his manager.

“I loved the course, it’s really hands on,” Mr Pocock said. “It went into great depth about the SCR system.

“Learning about AdBlue and its importance in the reduction of emissions is something that wasn’t covered while I was at TAFE.”

Attendees are also taught how to carry out diagnostic emission system faults, the correct method of testing AdBlue solution and the safest procedures to follow when testing the DPR and SCR systems.

Hino Australia runs training sessions throughout the year covering technical and mechanical servicing of Hino trucks, including computer diagnostics, hybrid servicing and general maintenance skills.

Hino’s commitment to reducing the environmental impact of commercial vehicles includes its pioneering introduction of the Hino Hybrid 300 Series light-duty truck in 2007.

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