Quality, Durability and Reliability - guiding attributes for Hino

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Quality, Durability and Reliability - guiding attributes for Hino

Quality, Durability and Reliability (QDR) have always been at heart of the Hino design attributes, but it is more apparent than ever in the all-new 500 Series Wide Cab.

More than seven years of development, from planning to launch, was dedicated to building the safest Japanese medium-duty truck in the Australian market.

Hino Motor Sales Australia Manager, Product Strategy Daniel Petrovski says a substantial amount of work went into designing the 500 Series Wide Cab vehicles so they were suited specifically for Australian customers and driving conditions.

“The project began in 2009 and the first task we completed was a rigorous consultation process which involved us interviewing both Hino customers and customers of our competitors.

“From there we conducted a local benchmarking exercise before the project was officially signed off in 2011 and the project began in Japan.”

Every Hino truck undertakes extensive testing to ensure QDR is translated into “real life”, and these exceptional standards were maintained in the all-new 500 Series Wide Cab.

“The 500 Series Wide Cab models were tested both in the field and on the test tracks in Australia and Japan”.

“The tests were conducted in typical medium-duty truck operating conditions: surfaced and unsurfaced roads, city driving, off-road conditions such as quarries, dust, heat and water, and long distance,” said Petrovski.

“We are confident that the extensive processes we have undertaken will result in many satisfied customers and open up opportunities for Hino in new segments of the ultra-competitive medium-duty market,” he concluded.

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