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Supercars 2018 - What was and what’s to come!

Last season was absolutely epic, with new tracks and a driver’s championship that went down to the last race with 5 drivers contending the title it was really down to the clincher.

Crew of Hino Sugawara Finishes the Last of the Long Stages at 6th Overall

Teams arrive at Córdoba where the final finish line is to be set up

Crew of Hino Team Sugawara Finishes 9th Overall in Fiambalá

The most difficult part of the race saw the Hino Team Sugawara remain in top place for the Under 10-Litre Class and an accumulated overall ranking at 9th place.

Hino Team Sugawara Crush the Demanding Dune Stage with Unflinching Driving

Smooth racing for the Hino 500 Series truck in the Argentine intermountain areas



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