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Hino Put to the Ultimate Dakar Challenge

Winning the Dakar Rally is an incredible feat of endurance, but to win a class ten years running is proof of consistent excellence.

Victory is in site with Hino Team Sugawara!

Hino Team Sugawara achieves 10 consecutive wins at the Dakar Rally 2019!

We’re over half way with the Dakar Rally and it’s just getting harder!

The morning graced us with fog appearing across the top of the mountains, as a result, the start of the 4 wheel / truck section of the rally was delayed 30 minutes and the start of the competition Section was delayed by 20 minutes.

No. 2 Car hangs on in the battle of the desert dunes at the Dakar Rally

On the 13th (Sunday), the Dakar Rally 2019 entered the second half of the race. We covered 289 kms between Arequipa - San Juan de Marcona in Peru. We arrived at the start point after a long traveling section of 443 km.

Hino Team Sugawara No. 2 Car up to cumulative ranking number 12

The Dakar Rally 2019 event finally started for the truck section on Monday 7th January 2019. An 84 km SS (competition section) was held between Lima and Pisco. Hino Team Sugawara moved Southeast at the liaison point (movement section) 247 km from Lima. Once entering Pisco for the bivouac, SS was conducted around the 84km bivouac.



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