New Hino 300 Series truck a strong solution on a car licence

Tuesday, 14 July 2020

New Hino 300 Series truck a strong solution on a car licence
The new 2020 Hino 300 Series light-duty truck range provides car-licence drivers with an enticing combination of safety, performance, towing capacity and payload.

The new 2020 Hino 300 Series light-duty truck range provides car-licenced drivers with an enticing combination of safety, performance, towing capacity and payload.

“Our range of 300 Series car-licenced trucks offers a level of safety that matches or is better than its light commercial competitors, with the added advantages of a nominal payload of up to 2.5 tonne and the ability to tow a 3.5 tonne trailer,” said Daniel Petrovski, Manager of Product Strategy for Hino Australia.

Leading the class in safety, the new 300 Series will be introduced with Hino SmartSafe, a comprehensive safety package with advanced driver-assist technology that takes an active focus in protecting the life of drivers, passengers and other road users.

Hino SmartSafe includes a Pre-Collision System (PCS) with Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB), Pedestrian Detection (PD) and Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), in addition to the already extensive list of standard safety features such as Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and Reverse Camera.

“Adding to the appeal of the 300 Series for the trades and delivery markets is the true automatic transmission, which makes the transition from a one tonne ute or van to a light-duty truck even easier,” said Mr Petrovski.

“Hino continues to be the only Japanese truck manufacturer to offer the advantage of a true automatic transmission across the light-duty 4x2 model range.

“The range of applications and industries suitable for the car-licenced 300 Series range is enormously broad and varied, and feedback from our customers highlights the importance of the automatic transmission in aiding drivability for a broad cross section of users.

“No matter the intended use, be it for tradespeople, delivery drivers or local councils, the 300 Series truly stacks up as a competitive package.

“One of the advantages of the 300 Series is the array of options available in our Built to Go (BTG) range, with high quality, cost-effective drive away solutions for light-duty truck buyers who require versatility, combined with a Hino Genuine body tray.

“Over 50 percent of 300 Series models sold are registered at 4.5 tonne Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) which allows the vehicle to be operated on a passenger car- licence.

“The high demand for car-licenced light-duty trucks is expected to continue to rise, fuelled partly by the increase in e-commerce and the forecasted long term shortage of truck-licenced drivers.”

Expanded Performance Options

Available with either a four litre or five litre engine, the Hino 300 Series has the power and torque needed to perform in a variety of applications.

The five litre J05E-UJ engine that features in the new 721 model has the highest power and torque of any Japanese truck in its class.

With an impressive 205hp and 600Nm of torque when matched to the six-speed double overdrive true automatic transmission, it can be rated for car license use.

The mainstay of the range remains the four litre N04C common-rail turbo-diesel engines.

The N04C-WL that powers the Standard Single Cab models with either a five-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmission is rated at 150hp (110kW) and 420Nm of torque.

Wide Single Cab and Crew Cab models with a true automatic transmission also use the same N04C-WL engine.

When mated to a six-speed manual on a Wide Cab, the N04C-WM puts out 165hp and 464Nm of torque.

The Wide Crew Cab can seat up to seven people, whereas the other configurations can seat three.

Delivering Cleaner Performance

Hino will continue to lead the Australian light-duty market with the introduction of a revised Hybrid range with Euro 6 compliance levels and the addition of Hino SmartSafe as standard on the range.

“Drivers and companies with a bias towards superior fuel efficiency and minimal environmental impact can choose a 300 Series with a Hybrid electric-diesel drivetrain,” said Mr Petrovski.

“Independent and Hino local testing has proven that the Hino Hybrid can cut fuel use by 21 percent, saving money while also reducing the carbon footprint.

“Our range of high torque diesel and Hybrid electric-diesel engine options, alongside the assortment of transmissions, really gives customers the option to specify their trucks to their operational needs.

“The 300 Series offers outstanding payload possibilities, and all car-licenced models have the capability to tow a 3.5 tonne trailer.”


Car-licenced drivers behind the wheel of a Hino 300 Series truck benefit from the advanced driver-assist technology that comes with Hino SmartSafe, making the Hino 300 Series, Australia’s safest light-duty Japanese truck.

Newly added active safety features include a Pre-Collision System (PCS) with Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) and Pedestrian Detection (PD), Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), and the new models are easily identified by the standard inclusion of Daytime Running Lamps (DRLs).

These new active safety features are in addition to the already substantial standard safety features such as Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), reverse camera, dual SRS airbags, four-wheel ventilated disc brakes and UN ECE R-29 cab strength certification.

“At Hino Australia, we have lifted the bar in regards to the standard safety specifications that Australian customers should expect from a Japanese-built truck,” said Mr Petrovski.

“Starting in 2011, the Hino 300 Series was the first Japanese-built light-duty truck to include the life-saving feature of VSC.

“Similarly, Hino was also the first Japanese manufacturer to offer PCS with AEB and PD in the medium-duty market, with the launch of the new 500 Series Standard Cab in early 2019.

“It should come as no surprise that we have continued with this trend, by introducing Hino SmartSafe and choosing the most comprehensive safety package available for our new 300 Series models.

“For many Hino owners, safety is an important part of the purchasing decision, and that’s why we have devoted considerable effort to providing the safest workplace possible.”

Built to Go

The Hino 300 Series Built to Go (BTG) range offers buyers a cost effective, convenient and streamlined approach to buying a high quality truck, as the range comes already fitted with a Hino Genuine body.

“The Hino BTG range provides a high quality, durable and cost effective drive-away solution for buyers who require the reliability of a Hino truck with the quality and peace of mind that a Hino Genuine body offers,” said Mr Petrovski.

“A Hino BTG truck also avoids the delivery lead times that occur with custom-built truck bodies – it is possible to order a BTG truck today and drive it away tomorrow."

While numerous custom-built tray and body solutions exist, years of experience in the marketplace has seen Hino develop a series of body options that are suitable for an array of customer applications.

“Hino dealers around the country know their local customer base best, and as such dealers have BTG vehicles in stock that are tailored to their local applications.

“The full details of the expanded BTG range will be released in quarter four.”

Cabin Comfort

A truck’s cab is the driver’s workspace, and as such, significant consideration goes into providing a working environment that offers the best balance of functionality, accessibility and comfort.

Hino has applied particular attention to the driving position and the integration of the driver into the vehicle’s interior.

“The driver’s seat and steering wheel offer a range of positions, allowing for a more comfortable experience for drivers of most shapes and sizes. Access is achieved through the generously sized door opening, large footstep and well placed grab handle locations,” said Mr Petrovski.

The 300 Series features a large 6.5-inch high definition, capacitive touch screen multimedia unit, which was first introduced in the 500 Series Standard Cab models in 2019, and is now standard fitment on all Hino trucks.

“This highly intelligent unit is capable of connecting up to four multi-position cameras and supports AM/FM and DAB+ digital radio, Bluetooth music streaming and mobile phone connectivity, an Android operating system with Wi-Fi connectivity allowing over-the-air software updates.”

Options for the multimedia unit include a digital video camera recorder (DVR) feature, as well as truck specific satellite navigation, and tyre pressure monitoring.

Key multimedia features can be controlled with the new steering wheel controls, which ensure that the driver’s eyes are kept on the road.

The Hino Advantage

Like all Hino products, the 300 Series is supported by Hino Advantage, a suite of business solutions that are designed to reduce costs over the life of the vehicle.

“Our Hino Advantage solutions include Hino SmartSafe, capped price servicing, telematics, Hino Genuine Parts, 24/7 Hino roadside assist, our finance options, and customer support provisions via our Customer Care Centre,” said Mr Petrovski..

All of the 2020 Hino 300 Series models come with a 3 years or 100,000km standard warranty (whichever comes first) and the option of extending the warranty to 5 years.

The new Hino 300 Series is now available at Hino dealerships nationwide, with more information available at

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